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 Compounds of Tantalum (Ta)

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Compounds of Tantalum (Ta)
 Compound Name  Molecular Formula  Molecular Weight
 Bismuth(III) Orthotantalate  BiTaO4  453.92588
 Cadmium Metatantalate  Cd(TaO3)2  570.30316
 Caesium Metatantalate  CsTaO3  361.85153
 Lead(II) Tantalate  PbTa2O6  665.0922
 Lithium Metatantalate  LiTaO3  235.8871
 Lithium Tantalate  LiTaO3  235.8871
 Natrium Metatantalate  NaTaO3  251.93585
 Plumbum(II) Tantalate  PbTa2O6  665.0922
 Sodium Metatantalate  NaTaO3  251.93585
 Tantalum  Ta  180.94788
 Tantalum Carbide  TaC  192.9586
 Tantalum Hydride  Ta2H  362.90374
 Tantalum Monoxide Trifluoride  TaF3O  253.94249
 Tantalum Pentafluoride  TaF5  275.93992
 Tantalum(II) Oxide  TaO  196.9473
 Tantalum(II) Sulfide  TaS  213.0129
 Tantalum(III) Aluminide  TaAl3  261.89251
 Tantalum(III) Bromide  TaBr3  420.6599
 Tantalum(III) Chloride  TaCl3  287.3069
 Tantalum(III) Fluoride  TaF3  237.94311
 Tantalum(III) Nitride  TaN  194.9546
 Tantalum(IV) Bromide  TaBr4  500.5639
 Tantalum(IV) Carbide  TaC  192.95858
 Tantalum(IV) Chloride  TaCl4  322.7599
 Tantalum(IV) Iodide  TaI4  688.56578
 Tantalum(IV) Oxide  TaO2  212.9467
 Tantalum(IV) Selenide  TaSe2  338.8679
 Tantalum(IV) Silicide  TaSi2  237.1189
 Tantalum(IV) Sulfide  TaS2  245.0779
 Tantalum(IV) Telluride  TaTe2  436.1479
 Tantalum(V) Bromide  TaBr5  580.4679
 Tantalum(V) Chloride  TaCl5  358.2129
 Tantalum(V) Fluoride  TaF5  275.93992
 Tantalum(V) Iodide  TaI5  815.47025
 Tantalum(V) Oxide  Ta2O5  441.8928
 Zinc Metatantalate  Zn(TaO3)2  523.27216
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