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 Compounds of Vanadium (V)

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Compounds of Vanadium (V)
 Compound Name  Molecular Formula  Molecular Weight
 Barium Orthovanadate  Ba3(VO4)2  641.8592
 Barium Pyrovanadate  Ba2V2O7  488.5328
 Barium Vanadate  Ba(VO3)2  335.2064
 Bismuth(III) Metavanadate  Bi(VO3)5  703.6789
 Bismuth(III) Vanadate  BiVO4  323.91948
 Caesium Orthovanadate  Cs3VO4  513.65546
 Caesium Vanadate  CsVO3  231.84515
 Calcium Metavanadate  Ca(VO3)2  237.9574
 Calcium Orthovanadate  Ca(VO4)2  269.9562
 Cerium(III) Vanadate  CeVO2  223.0563
 Chromium(III) Orthovanadate  CrVO4  166.9352
 Copper(II) Metavanadate  Cu(VO3)2  261.4254
 Cuprum(II) Metavanadate  Cu(VO3)2  261.4254
 Erbium(III) Vanadate  ErVO4  282.1981
 Europium Metavanadate  EuVO3  250.9037
 Europium(II) Vanadate  EuVO4  266.9031
 Ferrum(III) Metavanadate  Fe(VO3)3  352.6641
 Ferrum(III) Orthovanadate  FeVO4  170.7841
 Holmium Vanadate  HoVO4  279.86942
 Iron(III) Metavanadate  Fe(VO3)3  352.6641
 Iron(III) Orthovanadate  FeVO4  170.7841
 Kalium Metavanadate  KVO3  138.038
 Kalium Vanadate  KVO3  138.038
 Lanthanum Vanadate  LaVO4  253.8446
 Lead(II) Metavandate  Pb(VO3)2  405.0794
 Lithium Metavanadate  LiVO3  105.8807
 Lithium Metavanadate Dihydrate  LiVO3.2H2O  141.91126
 Magnesium Metavanadate  Mg(VO3)2  222.1844
 Magnesium Orthovanadate  Mg3(VO4)2  302.7932
 Monoeuropium Monovandium Dioxide  EuVO2  234.9043
 Natrium Metavanadate  NaVO3  121.92947
 Natrium Orthovanadate  Na3VO4  183.90841
 Natrium Pyrovanadate  Na4V2O7  305.83788
 Natrium Vanadate  Na3VO4  183.90841
 Neodymium(III) Vanadate  NdVO4  259.1791
 Nickel(II) Metavanadate  Ni(VO3)2  256.5728
 Plumbum(II) Metavandate  Pb(VO3)2  405.0794
 Potassium Metavanadate  KVO3  138.038
 Potassium Vanadate  KVO3  138.038
 Sodium Metavanadate  NaVO3  121.92947
 Sodium Orthovanadate  Na3VO4  183.90841
 Sodium Pyrovanadate  Na4V2O7  305.83788
 Sodium Vanadate  Na3VO4  183.90841
 Stannum(II) Metavanadate  Sn(VO3)2  316.5894
 Tin(II) Metavanadate  Sn(VO3)2  316.5894
 Vanadium  V  50.9415
 Vanadium Carbide  VC  62.9522
 Vanadium Oxysulfate  VSO5  163.0035
 Vanadium Oxytrichloride  VOCl3  173.2999
 Vanadium Pentoxide  V2O5  181.88
 Vanadium Trifluoride Oxide  VF3O  123.93611
 Vanadium(I) Hydride  VH  51.94944
 Vanadium(II) Bromide  VBr2  210.7495
 Vanadium(II) Chloride  VCl2  121.8475
 Vanadium(II) Fluoride  VF2  88.93831
 Vanadium(II) Iodide  VI2  304.75044
 Vanadium(II) Oxide  VO  66.9409
 Vanadium(II) Silicide  V3Si  180.91
 Vanadium(III) Bromide  VBr3  290.6535
 Vanadium(III) Chloride  VCl3  157.3005
 Vanadium(III) Fluoride  VF3  107.93671
 Vanadium(III) Iodide  VI3  431.65491
 Vanadium(III) Nitride  VN  64.9482
 Vanadium(III) Oxide  V2O3  149.8812
 Vanadium(III) Sulfate  V2(SO4)3  390.0708
 Vanadium(III) Sulfide  V2S3  198.078
 Vanadium(IV) Bromide  VBr4  370.5575
 Vanadium(IV) Carbide  VC  62.9522
 Vanadium(IV) Chloride  VCl4  192.7535
 Vanadium(IV) Fluoride  VF4  126.93511
 Vanadium(IV) Iodide  VI4  558.55938
 Vanadium(IV) Oxide  VO2  82.9403
 Vanadium(IV) Oxysulfate  VOSO4  163.0035
 Vanadium(IV) Selenide  VSe2  208.8615
 Vanadium(IV) Silicide  VSi2  107.1125
 Vanadium(IV) Sulfate  VOSO4  163.0035
 Vanadium(IV) Sulfide  VS2  115.0715
 Vanadium(IV) Telluride  VTe2  306.1415
 Vanadium(V) Fluoride  VF5  145.93352
 Vanadium(V) Oxide  V2O5  181.88
 Vanadium(V) Oxide Trichloride  VOCl3  173.2999
 Vanadium(V) Oxytrichloride  VOCl3  173.2999
 Vanadium(V) Oxytrifluoride  VOF3  123.93611
 Vanadocene Dichloride  C10H10Cl2V  252.0339
 Vanadyl Sulfate  VOSO4  163.0035
 Yttrium Vanadate  YVO4  203.84495
 Yttrium(III) Vanadate  YVO4  203.84495
 Zinc Metavanadate  Zn(VO3)2  263.2594
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