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Size of Uranus (Planet)
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Size of


Uranus (Outer Planet - Ice Giant with Rings)
Uranus an Outer Planet - Ice Giant with Rings, has Mean Radius of 25362±7 kilometer which is 3.98 times the radius of Earth and Mass 86.832 x 1024 KG or about 14.53596 times the mass of Earth, has Volume 68,340 x 109 km3 approximately 63.1 times the volume of Earth. Uranus has Density of 1.27 g/cm3 and Surface Gravity 8.87 m/s2 nearly 0.9 times that of Earth with Round (HE) Shape it fall in Category of Planet (Ice Giant with Rings)

Uranus is 7th planet in our solar system

Similar sounding names: 167 Urda, 2001 UR163, 2002 UX25, 2003 UZ413, 2005 UQ513, 2007 UK126, 2014 UM33, Ulla, Umbriel, Undina, Urania, Ursula

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