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 Volcanoes in Australia

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Find list of active and inactive volcanoes in different region, their elevation, geo-coordinates, location map, when they last erupted and related info.

  Find list of volcanoes in different regions ...
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Volcanoes in Heard and McDonald Islands
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Anzac Peak715 m2,346 ft  
Big Ben2,745 m9,006 ft53.1°S, 73.52°E2013
Mawson Peak2,745 m9,006 ft53.1°S, 73.52°E2004
McDonald Islands230 m755 ft53.03°S, 72.6°E2005
Mount Dixon715 m2,346 ft  

Volcanoes in Lord Howe Island
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Ball's Pyramid562 m1,844 ft31.75°S, 159.25°E 
Mount Gower875 m2,870 ft31.58°S, 159.08°E3,200 years ago

Volcanoes in New South Wales
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Abercrombie Volcano  34.3°S, 149.4°EAbout 14 to 26 million years ago
Airly Volcano  32.9°S, 150.1°EAbout 34 to 42 million years ago
Barrington Volcano  31.8°S, 151.2°EAbout 44 to 54 million years ago
Bunda Bunda Volcano  31.1°S, 152.4°E71 million years ago
Byrock Volcano  30.7°S, 146.3°E16 million years ago
Cargelligo Volcano  33.4°S, 146.5°EAbout 10 to 15 million years ago
Central Volcano inc. Maybole Volcano and Gragin Peak  29.8°S, 151.6°E 
Comboyne Volcano  31.6°S, 152.5°EAbout 11 to 13 million years ago
Doughboy Volcano  30.3°S, 152.2°EAbout 38 to 45 million years ago
Dubbo Volcano  32.2°S, 149.2°EAbout 12 to 15 million years ago
Ebor Volcano  30.4°S, 152.4°EAbout 18 to 19 million years ago
El Capitan  31.2°S, 146.2°EAbout 12 to 15 million years ago
Liverpool Range  31.9°S, 150.4°EAbout 32 to 35 million years ago
Monaro  35.7°S, 150.3°EAbout 37 to 55 million years ago
Mount Canobolas1,395 m4,576 ft33.3°S, 149.0°EAbout 12 to 13 million years ago
Mount Gulaga or Mount Dromedary806 m2,644 ft36.3°S, 150.0°E 
Mount Kaputar or Nandewar Volcano1,507 m4,944 ft30.2°S, 150.1°EAbout 17 to 18 million years ago
Mount Warning or Tweed Volcano1,157 m3,796 ft28.4°S, 153.27°E22 million years ago
Nerriga Volcano  35.2°S, 149.8°E50 million years ago
Snowy Mountains  35.5°S, 148.3°EAbout 17 to 22 million years ago
South Coast Volcano  35.7°S, 150.3°EAbout 26 to 31 million years ago
Southern Highlands Volcano  34.6°S, 150.5°EAbout 31 to 55 million years ago
Walcha Volcano  31.4°S, 151.8°EAbout 44 to 56 million years ago
Warrumbungles inc The Breadknife  31.3°S, 149.0°EAbout 13 to 17 million years ago

Volcanoes in Other Region
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Macquarie Island433 m1,421 ft54.5°S, 158.95°E 
Norfolk Island315 m1,033 ft29.0°S, 168.0°E2.4 million years ago

Volcanoes in Queensland
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Anvil Peak  22.8°S, 148.0°EAbout 27 to 35 million years ago
Atherton Volcano  17.5°S, 144.5°ELess than 100,000 years ago
Bauhinia Volcano  24.8°S, 149.5°EAbout 23 to 25 million years ago
Brisbane Volcano  27.7°S, 152.6°EAbout 16 to 62 million years ago
Browns Peak807 m2,647 ft22.8°S, 148.0°EAbout 27 to 35 million years ago
Bundaberg Volcano    
Bunya Mountains  26.9°S, 151.8°E23 million years ago
Campbells Folly    
Chudleigh Volcano  10.5°S, 144.2°E250,000 years ago
Glass House Mountains    
Hillsborough Volcano  21.0°S, 149.0°E33.2 million years ago
Kinrara Volcano  18.3°S, 144.6°E20,000 years ago
Lake Barrine730 m2,395 ft17.2°S, 145.4°E12,000 years ago
Lake Eacham  17.2°S, 145.6°E12,000 years ago
Levers Plateau    
Main Range Volcano  27.9°S, 152.4°EAbout 23 to 27 million years ago
Malanda Volcano1,200 m3,937 ft17.5°S, 145.5°E3 million years ago
McLean Volcano  15.8°S, 144.8°ELess than 1 million years ago
Mitchell Volcano  26.0°S, 148.2°EAbout 21 to 24 million years ago
Mount Barney, Focal Peak Volcano1,356 m4,449 ft28.17°S, 152.42°E 
Mount Beerburrum276 m905 ft26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Mount Beerwah556 m1,824 ft26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Mount Coochin235 m770 ft26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Mount Cooee  26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Mount Coonowrin377 m1,236 ft26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Mount Elimbah129 m423 ft26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Mount Fox  18.5°S, 145.47°E 
Mount Gilles    
Mount Glennie    
Mount Hay    
Mount Horogargan  26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Mount Le Brun  25.6°S, 151.91°EOver 600,000 years ago
Mount McBride911 m2,988 ft18.3°S, 144.6°E1.7 million years ago
Mount Miketeebumulgrai199 m652 ft26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Mount Ngungun253 m830 ft26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Mount Tibberoowuccum220 m721 ft26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Mount Tibrogargan364 m1,194 ft26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Mount Tunbubudla312 m1,023 ft26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Murray Island200 m656 ft10.0°S, 144.0°E1 million years ago
Nebo Volcano  21.4°S, 148.2°EAbout 28 to 35 million years ago
Nulla Volcano  19.7°S, 145.3°E13,000 years ago
Peak Range    
Piebald Volcano417 m1,368 ft15.1°S, 145.1°ELess than 3 million years ago
Rockhampton Volcano  23.3°S, 150.4°EAbout 67 to 71 million years ago
Round Mountain  26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago
Springsure600 m1,968 ft24.0°S, 148.1°EAbout 24 to 33 million years ago
Sturgeon Volcano  20.3°S, 144.2°E92,000 years ago
Table Mountain  22.8°S, 148.0°EAbout 27 to 35 million years ago
The Crater (Mount Hypipamee)1,000 m3,280 ft17.2°S, 145.2°E 
The Hummock    
Toomba  19.5°S, 145.0°E 
Undara40 m131 ft18.2°S, 144.7°E3 million years ago
Undara Crater1,020 m3,345 ft18.25°S, 144.75°E 
Wallaroo Volcano  18.0°S, 145.4°ELess than 5 million years ago
Wild Horse Mountain123 m403 ft26.7°S, 152.9°EAbout 26 to 27 million years ago

Volcanoes in South Australia
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Mount Burr187 m614 ft37.55°S, 140.46°E4,750 years ago
Mount Gambier190 m623 ft37.84°S, 140.78°E4,500 years ago
Mount Miurhead130 m427 ft37.56°S, 140.4°E 
Mount Schank158 m518 ft37.94°S, 140.74°E5,000 years ago
Newer Volcanics Province1,011 m3,317 ft37.77°S, 142.5°E2900 BC

Volcanoes in Tasman Sea
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Barcoo Seamount    
Bass Strait Basin    
Britannia Seamount    
Derwent-Hunter Seamount    
Gascoyne Seamount    
Heemskirk Seamount    
Queensland Seamount    
Soela Seamount    
Tasman Seamounts    
Taupo Seamount    
Zeelian Seamount    

Volcanoes in Tasmania
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Don Head71 m233 ft41.16°S, 146.31°E 
Table Cape181 m594 ft40.95°S, 145.73°E 
The Nut143 m469 ft40.76°S, 145.3°E 

Volcanoes in Victoria
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Aberfeldy Volcano  37.8°S, 146.4°E27 million years ago
Bogong Volcano1,986 m6,515 ft37.1°S, 147.2°EAbout 25 to 37 million years ago
Bonang Volcano  37.2°S, 148.7°EAbout 38 to 42 million years ago
Flinders Volcano  38.5°S, 145.3°EAbout 40 to 48 million years ago
Gelantipy Volcano  37.2°S, 148.3°EAbout 34 to 43 million years ago
Howitt Volcano  37.2°S, 146.7°EAbout 32 to 36 million years ago
La Trobe Volcano  38.5°S, 146.3°EAbout 50 to 59 million years ago
Lake Bullen Merri    
Lake Colongulac    
Lake Gnotuk    
Lake Keilambete    
Lake Purrumbete    
Mount Buninyong744 m2,440 ft  
Mount Eccles  38.07°S, 141.92°E8,000 years ago
Mount Elephant395 m1,295 ft37.96°S, 143.2°EAbout 5,000 to 20,000 years ago
Mount Franklin635 m2,083 ft  
Mount Hamilton    
Mount Hotham1,861 m6,104 ft36.59°S, 147.08°E 
Mount Kooroocheang230 m754 ft  
Mount Leura311 m1,020 ft38.1°S, 143.1°EAbout 5,000 to 20,000 years ago
Mount Macedon1,014 m3,346 ft37.41°S, 144.58°E360 million years ago
Mount Napier440 m1,440 ft37.8°S, 142.5°E32,000 years ago
Mount Noorat310 m1,017 ft About 5,000 to 20,000 years ago
Mount Porndon278 m912 ft38.18°S, 143.17°E300,000 years ago
Mount Warrenheip741 m2,431 ft  
Mount Warrnambool216 m708 ft38.18°S, 142.44°EAbout 5,000 to 20,000 years ago
Neerim Volcano  38.0°S, 146.0°EAbout 20 to 25 million years ago
Toombullup Volcano  36.9°S, 146.3°EAbout 37 to 44 million years ago
Tower Hill   25,000 years ago
Uplands Volcano  36.8°S, 147.6°E2 million years ago
Western Plains    

Volcanoes in Western Australia
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Argyle diamond mine  16.6°S, 128.3°E 

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