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 Volcanoes in Canada

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Find list of active and inactive volcanoes in different region, their elevation, geo-coordinates, location map, when they last erupted and related info.

  Find list of volcanoes in different regions ...
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Volcanoes in Alberta
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
BH155 pipe    
BH225 pipe   Late Cretaceous
BH229 pipe   Late Cretaceous
BH230 pipe   Paleocene
BM16 pipe    
BM2 pipe   Paleocene
BM3 pipe    
Dragon pipe   Late Cretaceous
K10 pipe    
K11 pipe   Late Cretaceous
K14A pipe   Late Cretaceous
K14B pipe   Late Cretaceous
K14C pipe   Late Cretaceous
K15 pipe    
K160 pipe    
K19 pipe   Paleocene
K1A pipe   Paleocene
K1B pipe   Paleocene
K2 pipe   Paleocene
K251 pipe   Late Cretaceous
K252 pipe   Late Cretaceous
K296 pipe    
K3 pipe   Paleocene
K300 pipe    
K32 pipe    
K4A pipe   Late Cretaceous
K4B pipe   Late Cretaceous
K4C pipe   Late Cretaceous
K5A pipe   Late Cretaceous
K5B pipe   Late Cretaceous
K6 pipe   Late Cretaceous
K7A pipe   Late Cretaceous
K7B pipe   Late Cretaceous
K7C pipe   Late Cretaceous
K8 pipe    
K91 pipe   Late Cretaceous
K92 pipe    
K93 pipe    
K95 pipe    
Kendu pipe   Late Cretaceous
Legend pipe   Late Cretaceous
LL8 pipe   Late Cretaceous
Phoenix pipe   Late Cretaceous
Valkyrie pipe   Late Cretaceous
WP pipe   Late Cretaceous
Xena pipe   Late Cretaceous

Volcanoes in British Columbia
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Anahim Peak1,897 m6,224 ft52.44°N, 125.41°WMiocene
Armadillo Peak2,210 m7,251 ft57.53°N, 130.55°WMiocene
Ash Mountain2,125 m6,972 ft59.27°N, 130.05°WPleistocene
Atwell Peak2,655 m8,711 ft49.5°N, 123.33°WPleistocene
Bennett Lake Volcanic Complex1,500 m4,900 ft60.3°N, 134.52°WEocene
Big Timothy Mountain2,455 m8,054 ft52.12°N, 120.91°WPleistocene
Black Dome Mountain2,252 m7,388 ft51.19°N, 122.29°WPliocene
Blackfoot diatreme  49.58°N, 115.17°W 
Bowie Seamount-24 m-79 ft53.3°N, 135.63°W18,000 years ago
Bridge River Cones2,500 m8,202 ft50.8°N, 123.4°WHolocene
Buck Hill1,585 m5,200 ft51.48°N, 119.59°WPleistocene
Cache Hill2,110 m6,923 ft57.53°N, 130.67°WHolocene
Camp Hill1,880 m6,168 ft57.58°N, 130.78°WHolocene
Capricorn Mountain2,551 m8,369 ft50.62°N, 123.52°WPleistocene
Caribou Tuya1,770 m5,807 ft59.24°N, 130.56°WPleistocene
Cartoona Peak2,305 m7,562 ft57.36°N, 130.36°WMiocene
Castle Rock1,862 m6,109 ft57.84°N, 131.15°WPleistocene
Cauldron Dome2,233 m7,326 ft50.16°N, 123.32°WPleistocene
Chakatah Creek Peak1,815 m5,955 ft59.25°N, 131.03°WPleistocene
Chelan Seamount-1,459 m-4,787 ft49.45°N, 131.32°W 
Chikoida Mountain1,927 m6,322 ft59.2°N, 133.4°WCenozoic
Cinder Cliff1,800 m5,906 ft57.75°N, 130.57°WHolocene
Cinder Cone1,910 m6,266 ft49.97°N, 123.0°WHolocene
Cinder Mountain300 m984 ft56.57°N, 130.61°WPleistocene
Cindercone Peak2,033 m6,670 ft52.46°N, 125.18°W 
Clinker Peak1,992 m6,535 ft49.93°N, 123.4°W9,000 years ago
Clisbako Caldera Complex  52.43°N, 124.4°WEocene
Cocoa Crater2,123 m6,965 ft57.39°N, 130.42°WHolocene
Coffee Crater2,000 m6,562 ft57.63°N, 130.67°WHolocene
Cottonwood Peak1,638 m5,374 ft59.4°N, 130.25°WPleistocene
Cracker Creek Cone1,895 m6,217 ft59.7°N, 133.4°WHolocene
Cross diatreme2,200 m7,218 ft  
Crow Lagoon335 m1,099 ft54.7°N, 130.23°WHolocene
Dark Mountain1,974 m6,476 ft58.64°N, 129.35°WPleistocene
Dellwood Seamounts-1,474 m-4,836 ft50.37°N, 130.42°W 
Devastator Peak2,327 m7,635 ft50.59°N, 123.53°WPleistocene
Dome Mountain1,754 m5,755 ft58.45°N, 129.59°WPleistocene
Dragon Cone1,830 m6,000 ft51.8°N, 119.98°WHolocene
Dufferin Island50 m164 ft52.22°N, 128.32°WHolocene
Ember Ridge2,348 m7,703 ft50.8°N, 123.23°WPliocene
Enid Creek Cone1,914 m6,280 ft58.38°N, 129.52°WPleistocene
Eve Cone1,702 m5,584 ft57.82°N, 130.67°W700 AD
Exile Hill1,874 m6,148 ft57.38°N, 130.82°WPliocene
Explorer Seamount-830 m-2,723 ft49.5°N, 130.48°W 
Fiftytwo Ridge1,866 m6,188 ft51.93°N, 119.89°WPleistocene
Flatiron730 m2,395 ft51.88°N, 120.5°WPleistocene
Flourmill Cone1,495 m4,905 ft52.5°N, 120.32°WHolocene
Franklin Glacier Volcano2,252 m7,388 ft51.2°N, 125.24°WPliocene
Gabrielse Cone1,600 m5,249 ft59.44°N, 130.46°WHolocene
Gage Hill1,090 m3,576 ft52.5°N, 120.1°WPleistocene
Glacier Dome2,225 m7,300 ft57.77°N, 130.58°WPleistocene
Glacier Pikes2,145 m7,037 ft49.89°N, 122.85°WPleistocene
Graham Seamount-1,474 m-4,836 ft53.14°N, 134.31°W 
Grizzly Butte1,412 m4,633 ft50.3°N, 119.6°WHolocene
Haddington Island  50.36°N, 127.2°WPliocene
Heart Peaks2,012 m6,601 ft58.6°N, 131.97°WPleistocene
Heck Seamount1,320 m4,331 ft48.3°N, 130.1°W 
Helmet Peak318 m1,043 ft52.35°N, 128.35°WHolocene
Hodgkins Seamount-790 m-2,592 ft53.3°N, 136.5°WPliocene
Hoodoo Mountain1,850 m6,070 ft56.78°N, 131.28°W7,050 years ago
HP diatreme2,400 m7,874 ft51.41°N, 116.57°W 
Hyalo Ridge2,012 m6,601 ft52.11°N, 120.36°WPleistocene
Ice Peak2,526 m8,287 ft57.7°N, 130.63°WHolocene
Icefall Cone2,285 m7,497 ft57.7°N, 130.6°WHolocene
Ida Ridge1,981 m6,499 ft51.8°N, 119.94°WPleistocene
IGC Centre2,074 m6,804 ft57.56°N, 130.62°WMiocene
Ilgachuz Range2,410 m7,907 ft52.47°N, 125.19°WPliocene
Iskut-Unuk River Cones1,880 m6,168 ft56.52°N, 130.33°W1800
Isspah Butte1,673 m5,489 ft59.4°N, 131.18°WPleistocene
Itcha Mountain2,290 m7,513 ft52.43°N, 124.49°WPleistocene
Itcha Range2,375 m7,792 ft52.42°N, 124.5°WPleistocene
Jack's Jump1,895 m6,217 ft52.12°N, 120.5°WPleistocene
Kana Cone1,100 m3,609 ft57.9°N, 130.62°WHolocene
Kawdy Mountain1,936 m6,352 ft58.88°N, 131.23°WPleistocene
Kena Cone1,980 m6,496 ft57.6°N, 130.68°WHolocene
Kitasu Hill235 m771 ft52.5°N, 128.73°WHolocene
Klastline Cone1,400 m4,593 ft57.78°N, 130.5°WPleistocene
Klinkit Creek Peak1,519 m4,984 ft59.47°N, 131.28°WPleistocene
Klinkit Lake Peak1,516 m4,974 ft59.49°N, 131.1°WPleistocene
Kostal Cone1,440 m4,724 ft52.17°N, 119.94°W1550
Level Mountain2,190 m7,185 ft58.25°N, 131.21°WHolocene
Lightning Peak2,139 m7,018 ft49.88°N, 118.53°WPliocene
Little Bear Mountain1,180 m3,875 ft56.8°N, 131.3°WPleistocene
Little Eagle Cone1,545 m5,069 ft58.52°N, 129.71°WPleistocene
Little Ring Mountain2,165 m7,103 ft50.16°N, 123.18°W 
Llangorse Mountain1,962 m6,437 ft59.32°N, 132.9°WCenozoic
Lone Butte1,237 m4,058 ft51.33°N, 131.11°WMiocene
Machmel River Cone1,800 m5,906 ft51.51°N, 126.21°WHolocene
Maitland Volcano2,514 m8,248 ft57.4°N, 129.7°WPliocene
Maquinna-2,500 m-8,202 ft Holocene
Mathews Tuya1,676 m5,499 ft59.2°N, 130.43°WPleistocene
McLeod Hill1,284 m4,213 ft52.02°N, 120.01°WPleistocene
Meehaz Mountain1,608 m5,276 ft59.1°N, 131.27°WPleistocene
Meszah Peak2,166 m7,106 ft58.48°N, 131.43°WPleistocene
Moraine Cone2,135 m7,005 ft57.77°N, 130.62°WHolocene
Mosquito Mound1,065 m3,494 ft52.02°N, 120.18°WPleistocene
Mount Boucherie758 m2,487 ft49.51°N, 119.34°WPaleocene
Mount Brew1,757 m5,764 ft50.4°N, 123.19°WPleistocene
Mount Callaghan2,409 m7,909 ft50.13°N, 123.15°W 
Mount Cayley2,377 m7,799 ft50.12°N, 123.28°WPleistocene
Mount Downton2,375 m7,792 ft52.42°N, 124.51°WPleistocene
Mount Edziza2,787 m9,144 ft57.72°N, 130.63°WPleistocene
Mount Edziza volcanic complex2,787 m9,144 ft57.72°N, 130.63°WHolocene
Mount Fee2,162 m7,093 ft50.9°N, 123.24°WPleistocene
Mount Fitzgerald2,641 m8,665 ft51.31°N, 126.3°W 
Mount Garibaldi2,678 m8,786 ft49.84°N, 123.1°WHolocene
Mount Job2,493 m8,180 ft50.62°N, 123.55°WPleistocene
Mount Josephine1,767 m5,797 ft59.6°N, 130.7°WPleistocene
Mount Kinch2,470 m8,104 ft51.25°N, 126.1°W 
Mount MacKenzie2,143 m7,031 ft52.37°N, 126.5°WMiocene
Mount Meager2,680 m8,793 ft50.63°N, 123.5°W2350 years ago
Mount Noel2,541 m8,337 ft50.42°N, 122.51°WMiocene
Mount Overill2,354 m7,723 ft51.28°N, 126.7°W 
Mount Price2,052 m6,732 ft49.92°N, 123.3°W9,000 years ago
Mount Silverthrone3,160 m10,367 ft51.31°N, 126.6°W 
Mount Somolenko2,658 m8,720 ft51.28°N, 126.6°W 
Nahta Cone1,690 m5,545 ft57.32°N, 130.82°WHolocene
Nanook Dome2,710 m8,891 ft57.72°N, 130.6°WPleistocene
Nazko Cone1,230 m4,035 ft52.55°N, 123.44°W7,200 years ago
Nuthinaw Mountain1,732 m5,682 ft58.47°N, 131.3°WPleistocene
Opal Cone1,736 m5,696 ft49.82°N, 122.97°W9,300 years ago
Oshawa Seamount2,127 m6,978 ft53.14°N, 134.31°W 
Ospika pipe1,550 m5,085 ft56.27°N, 123.45°W 
Outcast Hill1,800 m5,906 ft57.23°N, 130.46°WPleistocene
Pali Dome1,767 m5,797 ft50.13°N, 123.25°WPleistocene
Peak 19241,565 m5,135 ft59.4°N, 130.38°WPleistocene
Peak 20502,036 m6,680 ft59.39°N, 130.18°WPleistocene
Peak 21662,064 m6,800 ft59.31°N, 130.59°WPleistocene
Peirce Seamount-1,800 m-5,906 ft53.44°N, 136.32°W 
Perkin's Pillar2,430 m7,972 ft50.37°N, 123.31°W 
Pharaoh Dome2,200 m7,218 ft57.65°N, 130.6°WPleistocene
Pillow Creek1,829 m6,001 ft52.02°N, 119.84°WPleistocene
Pillow Ridge2,400 m7,874 ft57.76°N, 130.64°WPleistocene
Plinth Peak2,677 m8,783 ft50.64°N, 123.51°W2350 years ago
Pointed Stick Cone1,820 m5,971 ft52.24°N, 120.08°WHolocene
Powder Mountain2,347 m7,700 ft50.8°N, 123.16°W 
Pylon Peak2,481 m8,140 ft50.35°N, 123.31°WPleistocene
Pyramid Dome2,199 m7,215 ft57.77°N, 130.57°WPleistocene
Pyramid Mountain1,103 m3,619 ft51.99°N, 120.1°WPleistocene
Pyroclastic Peak2,349 m7,707 ft50.6°N, 123.17°WPleistocene
Rainbow Range2,495 m8,186 ft52.43°N, 125.46°WMiocene
Ray Mountain2,050 m6,726 ft52.24°N, 120.11°WPleistocene
Ridge Cone2,285 m7,497 ft57.68°N, 130.62°WHolocene
Ring Mountain2,192 m7,192 ft50.13°N, 123.17°W 
Round Mountain1,646 m5,400 ft49.45°N, 123.1°WPleistocene
Ruby Mountain1,895 m6,217 ft59.68°N, 123.33°W1898
Satah Mountain1,921 m6,302 ft52.28°N, 124.41°W 
Seminole Seamount-1,653 m-5,423 ft49.46°N, 129.5°W 
Sezill Volcano2,050 m6,726 ft57.59°N, 130.62°WMiocene
Sham Hill60 m197 ft50.9°N, 123.52°WPleistocene
Sidas Cone1,540 m5,052 ft57.87°N, 130.63°WHolocene
Silverthrone Caldera3,160 m10,367 ft51.26°N, 126.18°W 
Skoatl Point1,640 m5,381 ft51.9°N, 120.25°W 
Slag Hill2,088 m6,850 ft50.19°N, 123.3°WPleistocene
Sleet Cone1,783 m5,850 ft57.78°N, 130.55°WHolocene
Source Hill1,630 m5,348 ft57.28°N, 130.82°WPleistocene
South Tuya1,850 m6,070 ft59.2°N, 130.5°WPleistocene
Spanish Bonk1,770 m5,807 ft52.13°N, 120.37°WPleistocene
Spanish Lake Centre1,770 m5,807 ft52.07°N, 120.31°WHolocene
Spanish Mump1,800 m5,906 ft52.16°N, 120.33°WPleistocene
Spectrum Range2,430 m7,972 ft57.26°N, 130.41°W 
Sphinx Dome2,380 m7,808 ft57.75°N, 130.58°WPleistocene
Stirni Seamount-1,710 m-5,610 ft49.8°N, 132.18°W 
Stockton Hill1,574 m5,164 ft51.1°N, 120.33°W 
Storm Cone2,135 m7,005 ft57.77°N, 130.63°WHolocene
Tadeda Peak2,194 m7,198 ft57.54°N, 130.61°WMiocene
Tadekho Hill1,860 m6,102 ft57.35°N, 130.78°WPleistocene
Tennena Cone2,350 m7,710 ft57.68°N, 130.67°WHolocene
The Ash Pit1,580 m5,184 ft57.45°N, 130.78°WHolocene
The Black Tusk2,319 m7,608 ft49.97°N, 123.04°WPleistocene
The Castle798 m2,618 ft49.69°N, 123.2°WPleistocene
The Saucer1,920 m6,299 ft57.63°N, 130.63°WHolocene
The Sphinx1,525 m5,003 ft49.93°N, 122.85°WPleistocene
The Table1,645 m5,397 ft49.9°N, 123.2°WPleistocene
The Thumb1,854 m6,083 ft56.16°N, 126.7°W 
The Volcano1,330 m4,364 ft56.42°N, 130.85°W1880
Toozaza Peak2,182 m7,182 ft59.5°N, 130.3°WPleistocene
Tow Hill125 m410 ft54.4°N, 131.47°WPliocene
Triangle Dome2,680 m8,793 ft57.72°N, 130.65°WPleistocene
Triplex Cone1,785 m5,856 ft57.8°N, 130.62°WHolocene
Tseax Cone600 m1,969 ft55.12°N, 126.9°W1750 - 1775
Tsekone Ridge1,920 m6,299 ft57.77°N, 130.69°WPleistocene
Tuber Hill2,500 m8,202 ft50.93°N, 123.44°WPleistocene
Tucker Seamount-1,242 m-4,075 ft49.5°N, 133.3°W 
Tutsingale Mountain1,722 m5,650 ft58.78°N, 130.87°WPleistocene
Tuya Butte1,685 m5,528 ft59.13°N, 130.55°WPleistocene
Tuzo Wilson Seamounts-1,410 m-4,626 ft51.4°N, 130.9°WHolocene
Twin Cone1,430 m4,692 ft57.7°N, 130.64°WHolocene
Union Seamount-293 m-961 ft49.35°N, 132.45°W 
Victoria Peak2,163 m7,096 ft50.3°N, 126.6°W 
Volcanic Creek Cone1,600 m5,249 ft59.75°N, 133.45°WHolocene
Vulcan's Thumb2,290 m7,500 ft50.11°N, 123.29°WPleistocene
Warden Peak1,970 m6,463 ft50.3°N, 126.5°W 
Watts Point volcanic centre240 m800 ft49.65°N, 123.21°WPleistocene
Wetalth Ridge1,830 m6,004 ft57.32°N, 130.78°WPleistocene
White Creek Cone1,712 m5,617 ft52.55°N, 124.84°WPleistocene
White Horse Bluff775 m2,543 ft51.9°N, 120.11°WPleistocene
Williams Cone2,080 m6,824 ft57.78°N, 130.6°W1350 years ago
Yeda Peak2,263 m7,425 ft57.38°N, 130.68°WPliocene

Volcanoes in New Brunswick
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Mount Pleasant Caldera248 m815 ft45.74°N, 67.33°WLate Devonian
Sugarloaf Mountain305 m1,001 ft47.99°N, 66.69°WLate Devonian

Volcanoes in Newfoundland and Labrador
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Flowers River caldera complex    
Fogo Seamounts   Cretaceous
Newfoundland Seamounts   Cretaceous
Springdale Caldera   Early Silurian

Volcanoes in Northwest Territories
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Aristifats Diatreme   Paleoproterozoic
Artemisia pipe    
Back River volcanic complex   Archean
Gahcho Kué kimberlite pipes   Cambrian
Jericho pipe    
Kam Group   Archean
Misery Kimberlite Complex   Paleocene
Mountain Diatreme    

Volcanoes in Nunavut
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Ellesmere Island Volcanics   Late Cretaceous
Elwin Bay diatreme    
JD-03 pipe    
Strand Fiord Formation   Late Cretaceous

Volcanoes in Ontario
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Attawapiskat kimberlite field  52.82°N, 83.88°WJurassic
Blake River Megacaldera Complex  48.25°N, 79.34°WNeoarchean
Callander Bay  46.21°N, 79.38°W 
Deadhorse Creek diatreme complex  48.75°N, 86.92°W 
Kirkland Lake kimberlite field  48.18°N, 80.02°WJurassic
Lake Timiskaming kimberlite field  47.31°N, 79.48°WJurassic
Manitou Islands  46.27°N, 79.57°W 
Misema Caldera  48.25°N, 79.4°WNeoarchean
Sturgeon Lake Caldera  49.87°N, 91.0°WNeoarchean

Volcanoes in Quebec
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Blake River Megacaldera Complex  48.25°N, 79.34°WNeoarchean
Hunter Mine caldera  48.62°N, 79.39°WArchean
Lac des Vents volcanic complex  51.33°N, 69.25°W 
Lake Timiskaming kimberlite field  47.31°N, 79.48°WJurassic
Misema Caldera  48.25°N, 79.4°WNeoarchean
New Senator Caldera  48.45°N, 79.4°WNeoarchean
Noranda Caldera  48.3°N, 79.14°WNeoarchean

Volcanoes in Saskatchewan
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Fort à la Corne kimberlite field   Cretaceous

Volcanoes in Yukon
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Alligator Lake Volcanic Complex2,217 m7,274 ft60.42°N, 135.42°W 
Bennett Lake Volcanic Complex1,500 m4,900 ft60.3°N, 134.52°WEocene
Felsite Peak2,530 m8,301 ft60.67°N, 138.23°WPliocene
Ibex Mountain2,108 m6,909 ft60.53°N, 135.52°WPleistocene
Montana Mountain2,205 m7,234 ft60.3°N, 134.41°WLate Cretaceous
Mount Harper1,845 m6,053 ft64.4°N, 139.52°WLate Proterozoic
Mount McNeil2,300 m7,546 ft60.8°N, 135.26°WTertiary
Mount Nansen1,827 m5,994 ft62.6°N, 137.18°WLate Cretaceous
Mount Skukum Volcanic Complex2,382 m7,815 ft60.11°N, 135.29°WEocene
Ne Ch'e Ddhawa712 m2,336 ft62.75°N, 137.27°WPleistocene
Rabbit Mountain2,090 m6,857 ft61.88°N, 140.96°WPliocene
Volcano Mountain1,239 m4,065 ft62.93°N, 137.37°WHolocene

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