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 Volcanoes in Indonesia

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Find list of active and inactive volcanoes in different region, their elevation, geo-coordinates, location map, when they last erupted and related info.

  Find list of volcanoes in different regions ...
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Volcanoes in Banda Sea
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Banda Api640 m2,100 ft4.53°S, 129.87°E09th May 1988
Emperor of China-2,850 m-9,350 ft6.62°S, 124.22°E 
Gunungapi Wetar282 m925 ft6.64°S, 126.65°E1699
Manuk282 m925 ft5.53°S, 130.29°E 
Nieuwerkerk-2,285 m-7,497 ft6.6°S, 124.68°E 
Nila781 m2,562 ft6.73°S, 129.5°E07th May 1968
Serua641 m2,103 ft6.3°S, 130.0°E18th September 1921
Teon655 m2,149 ft6.92°S, 129.13°E03rd June 1904
Wurlali868 m2,848 ft7.13°S, 128.68°E3rd June 1892

Volcanoes in Halmahera
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Amasing1,030 m3,380 ft0.53°S, 127.48°E 
Bibinoi900 m3,000 ft0.77°S, 127.72°E 
Dukono1,335 m4,380 ft1.68°N, 127.88°E13th August 1933
Gamalama1,715 m5,627 ft0.8°N, 127.33°E31st July 2003
Gamkonora1,635 m5,364 ft1.38°N, 127.53°E09th July 2007
Hiri630 m2,070 ft0.9°N, 127.32°E 
Ibu1,325 m4,347 ft1.49°N, 127.63°E01st May 2005
Jailolo1,130 m3,710 ft1.08°N, 127.42°E 
Makian1,357 m4,452 ft0.32°N, 127.4°E29th July 1988
Mare308 m1,010 ft0.57°N, 127.4°E 
Moti950 m3,120 ft0.45°N, 127.4°E 
Tarakan318 m1,043 ft1.83°N, 127.83°E 
Tidore1,730 m5,680 ft0.66°N, 127.4°E 
Tigalalu422 m1,385 ft0.07°N, 127.42°E 
Tobaru1,035 m3,396 ft1.63°N, 127.67°E 
Todoko-Ranu979 m3,212 ft1.25°N, 127.47°E 

Volcanoes in Lesser Sunda Islands
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Agung3,142 m10,308 ft8.34°S, 115.51°E18th February 1963
Batu Tara748 m2,454 ft7.79°S, 123.58°E1847
Batur1,717 m5,633 ft8.24°S, 115.38°E15th March 1999
Bratan2,276 m7,467 ft8.28°S, 115.13°E 
Ebulobo2,124 m6,969 ft8.82°S, 121.18°E27th February 1969
Egon1,703 m5,587 ft8.67°S, 122.45°E06th February 2005
Iliboleng1,659 m5,443 ft8.34°S, 123.26°E01st June 1993
Ililabalekan1,018 m3,340 ft8.55°S, 123.38°E 
Ilimuda1,100 m3,600 ft8.48°S, 122.67°E 
Iliwerung1,018 m3,340 ft8.53°S, 123.57°E22nd May 1999
Inielika1,559 m5,115 ft8.73°S, 120.98°E11th January 2001
Inierie2,245 m7,365 ft8.88°S, 120.95°E8050 BC
Iya637 m2,090 ft8.9°S, 121.65°E27th January 1969
Kelimutu1,639 m5,377 ft8.77°S, 121.82°E03rd June 1968
Leroboleng1,117 m3,665 ft8.36°S, 122.84°E26th June 2003
Lewotobi1,703 m5,587 ft8.54°S, 122.78°E30th May 2003
Lewotolo1,423 m4,669 ft8.27°S, 123.51°E15th December 1951
Merbuk1,386 m4,547 ft  
Ndete Napu750 m2,460 ft8.72°S, 121.78°E 
Paluweh875 m2,871 ft8.32°S, 121.71°E03rd February 1985
Poco Leok1,675 m5,495 ft8.68°S, 120.48°E 
Ranakah2,100 m6,900 ft8.62°S, 120.52°E01st March 1991
Riang Kotang200 m660 ft8.3°S, 122.89°E 
Rinjani3,726 m12,224 ft8.42°S, 116.47°E01st October 2004
Sangeang Api1,949 m6,394 ft8.2°S, 119.07°E30th May 2014
Sirung862 m2,828 ft8.51°S, 124.13°E1970
Sukaria1,500 m4,900 ft8.79°S, 121.77°E 
Tambora2,722 m8,930 ft8.25°S, 118.0°E1967 ± 20 years
Wai Sano903 m2,963 ft8.72°S, 120.02°E 
Yersey-3,800 m-12,500 ft7.53°S, 123.95°E 

Volcanoes in Sulawesi and Sangihe Islands
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Ambang1,795 m5,889 ft0.75°N, 124.42°E1845 ± 5 years
Awu1,320 m4,330 ft3.67°N, 125.5°E02nd June 2004
Banua Wuhu-5 m-16 ft3.14°N, 125.49°E18th July 1919
Colo507 m1,663 ft0.17°S, 121.61°E18th July 1983
Karangetang1,784 m5,853 ft2.78°N, 125.4°E07th August 2015
Klabat1,995 m6,545 ft1.47°N, 125.03°E 
Lokon-Empung1,580 m5,180 ft1.36°N, 124.79°E15th July 2011
Mahawu1,324 m4,344 ft1.36°N, 124.86°E16th November 1977
Ruang725 m2,379 ft2.3°N, 125.37°E25th September 2002
Sempu1,549 m5,082 ft1.13°N, 124.76°E 
Soputan1,784 m5,853 ft1.11°N, 124.73°E24 - 30 October 2007
Submarine 1922-5,000 m-16,000 ft3.97°N, 125.17°E 
Tondano1,202 m3,944 ft1.23°N, 124.83°E 
Tongkoko1,149 m3,770 ft1.52°N, 125.2°E1880

Volcanoes in Sumatra
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Belirang-Beriti1,958 m6,424 ft2.82°S, 102.18°E 
Besar1,899 m6,230 ft4.43°S, 103.67°E01st April 1940
Bukit Daun2,467 m8,094 ft3.38°S, 102.37°E 
Bukit Lumut Balai2,055 m6,742 ft4.23°S, 103.62°E 
Dempo3,173 m10,410 ft4.03°S, 103.13°E01st October 1994
Geureudong2,885 m9,465 ft4.81°N, 96.82°E1937
Helatoba-Tarutung1,100 m3,600 ft2.03°N, 98.93°EPleistocene
Hulubelu1,040 m3,410 ft5.35°S, 104.6°E1836
Hutapanjang2,021 m6,631 ft2.33°S, 101.6°E 
Imun1,505 m4,938 ft2.16°N, 98.93°E 
Kaba1,952 m6,404 ft3.52°S, 102.62°E22nd August 2000
Kembar2,245 m7,365 ft3.85°N, 97.66°EPleistocene
Kerinci3,800 m12,500 ft1.7°S, 101.26°E22nd June 2004
Kunyit2,151 m7,057 ft2.59°S, 101.63°E 
Lubukraya1,862 m6,109 ft1.48°N, 99.21°E 
Marapi2,891 m9,485 ft0.38°S, 100.47°E05th August 2004
Patah2,817 m9,242 ft4.27°S, 103.3°E 
Pendan  2.82°S, 102.02°E 
Peuet Sague2,801 m9,190 ft4.91°N, 96.33°E25th December 2000
Rajabasa1,281 m4,203 ft5.78°S, 105.63°E1798
Ranau1,881 m6,171 ft4.83°S, 103.92°E 
Sarik-Gajah  0.01°N, 100.2°E 
Sekincau Belirang1,719 m5,640 ft5.12°S, 104.32°E 
Seulawah Agam1,810 m5,940 ft5.45°N, 95.66°E1839
Sibayak2,212 m7,257 ft3.23°N, 98.52°E1881
Sibualbuali1,819 m5,968 ft1.56°N, 99.26°E 
Sinabung2,460 m8,070 ft3.17°N, 98.39°E05th October 2014
Sorikmarapi2,145 m7,037 ft0.69°N, 99.54°E1986
Sumbing2,507 m8,225 ft2.41°S, 101.73°E23rd May 1921
Suoh1,000 m3,300 ft5.25°S, 104.27°E10th July 1933
Talakmau2,919 m9,577 ft0.08°N, 99.98°E 
Talang2,597 m8,520 ft0.98°S, 100.68°E12th April 2005
Tandikat2,438 m7,999 ft0.43°S, 100.32°E1924
Toba2,157 m7,077 ft2.58°N, 98.83°E72,000 BC
Weh617 m2,024 ft5.82°N, 95.28°EPleistocene

Volcanoes in Sunda Strait and Java
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Arjuno-Welirang3,339 m10,955 ft7.73°S, 112.58°E15th August 1952
Baluran1,247 m4,091 ft7.85°S, 114.37°E 
Cereme3,078 m10,098 ft6.89°S, 108.4°E1951
Dieng2,565 m8,415 ft7.2°S, 109.92°E31st December 1996
Galunggung2,168 m7,113 ft7.25°S, 108.06°E09th January 1984
Gede2,958 m9,705 ft6.78°S, 106.98°E13th March 1957
Guntur2,249 m7,379 ft7.14°S, 107.84°E16th October 1847
Ijen2,799 m9,183 ft8.06°S, 114.24°E28th June 1999
Iyang-Argapura3,088 m10,131 ft7.97°S, 113.57°E 
Kamojang1,730 m5,680 ft7.13°S, 107.8°EPleistocene
Karaha1,155 m3,789 ft7.12°S, 108.08°E 
Karang1,778 m5,833 ft6.27°S, 106.04°E 
Kawi-Butak2,651 m8,698 ft7.92°S, 112.45°E 
Kelud1,731 m5,679 ft7.93°S, 112.31°E13th February 2014
Kendang2,608 m8,556 ft7.23°S, 107.72°E 
Kiaraberes-Gagak1,511 m4,957 ft6.73°S, 106.65°E06th April 1939
Krakatau813 m2,667 ft6.1°S, 105.42°E11th January 2011
Lamongan1,651 m5,417 ft7.98°S, 113.34°E5th February 1898
Lawu3,265 m10,712 ft7.63°S, 111.19°E28th November 1885
Lurus539 m1,768 ft7.73°S, 113.58°E 
Malabar2,343 m7,687 ft7.13°S, 107.65°E 
Malang Plain680 m2,230 ft8.02°S, 112.68°E 
Merapi2,968 m9,738 ft7.54°S, 110.44°E26th October 2010
Merbabu3,145 m10,318 ft7.45°S, 110.43°E1797
Muria1,625 m5,331 ft6.62°S, 110.88°E160 BC ± 30 years
Papandayan2,665 m8,743 ft7.32°S, 107.73°E11th November 2002
Patuha2,434 m7,986 ft7.16°S, 107.4°E 
Penanggungan1,653 m5,423 ft7.62°S, 112.63°E 
Perbakti1,699 m5,574 ft6.75°S, 106.68°E 
Pulosari1,346 m4,416 ft6.34°S, 105.98°E 
Raung3,332 m10,932 ft8.13°S, 114.04°E02nd June 2002
Salak2,211 m7,254 ft6.72°S, 106.73°E31st January 1938
Semeru3,676 m12,060 ft8.11°S, 112.92°E1967 - 2006 (continuing)
Slamet3,432 m11,260 ft7.24°S, 109.21°E01st May 1999
Sumbing3,371 m11,060 ft7.38°S, 110.07°E1730
Sundoro3,136 m10,289 ft7.3°S, 109.99°E29th October 1971
Talagabodas2,201 m7,221 ft7.21°S, 108.07°E 
Tampomas1,684 m5,525 ft6.77°S, 107.95°E 
Tangkuban Perahu2,084 m6,837 ft6.77°S, 107.6°E14th September 1983
Telomoyo1,894 m6,214 ft7.37°S, 110.4°E 
Tengger2,329 m7,641 ft7.94°S, 112.95°E08th June 2004
Ungaran2,050 m6,730 ft7.18°S, 110.33°E 
Wayang-Windu2,182 m7,159 ft7.21°S, 107.63°E 
Wilis2,563 m8,409 ft7.81°S, 111.76°E 

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