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 Volcanoes in Japan

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Find list of active and inactive volcanoes in different region, their elevation, geo-coordinates, location map, when they last erupted and related info.

  Find list of volcanoes in different regions ...
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Volcanoes in Hokkaido
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Lake Kuttara581 m1,906 ft42.49°N, 141.16°E 
Lake Mashū855 m2,805 ft43.57°N, 144.57°E 
Lake Shikotsu1,320 m4,331 ft42.7°N, 141.33°EHolocene
Mount Asahi (Daisetsuzan)2,290 m7,513 ft43.66°N, 142.86°E1739
Mount Iō (Shiretoko)1,563 m5,128 ft44.13°N, 145.17°E1936
Mount Meakan1,499 m4,916 ft43.38°N, 144.02°E2008
Mount Rausu1,660 m5,446 ft44.07°N, 145.13°E1880
Mount Rishiri1,721 m5,646 ft45.18°N, 141.25°E5830 BC
Mount Shiretoko1,254 m4,114 ft44.24°N, 145.27°E200,000 BC
Mount Yōtei1,898 m6,227 ft42.5°N, 140.8°E1050 BC
Nigorigawa356 m1,168 ft42.12°N, 140.45°EPleistocene
Nipesotsu-Maruyama Volcanic Group2,013 m6,604 ft43.45°N, 143.04°E1899
Niseko1,154 m3,786 ft42.88°N, 140.63°E4050 BC
Oshima737 m2,418 ft41.5°N, 139.37°E1790
Shikaribetsu Volcanic Group1,430 m4,692 ft43.31°N, 143.1°EHolocene
Shiribetsu1,107 m3,632 ft42.77°N, 140.92°EHolocene
Shōwa-shinzan731 m2,400 ft42.5°N, 140.8°E1945

Volcanoes in Honshu
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Abu (volcano)571 m1,873 ft34.5°N, 131.6°E 
Akita-Komaga-Take1,637 m5,371 ft39.75°N, 140.8°E1971
Akita-Yake-Yama1,366 m4,482 ft39.97°N, 140.77°E1997
Hachimantai1,614 m5,295 ft39.95°N, 140.85°E 
Hakkōda Mountains1,585 m5,200 ft40.66°N, 140.88°E1997
Hijiori516 m1,693 ft38.61°N, 140.18°E8300 BC ± 1000 years
Hiuchi2,346 m7,730 ft36.95°N, 139.28°E1544
Iwaki1,625 m5,331 ft40.65°N, 140.3°E1863
Iwate2,041 m6,696 ft39.85°N, 141.0°E1919
Izu-Tobu1,406 m4,613 ft34.92°N, 139.12°E1989
Kanpu355 m1,165 ft39.93°N, 139.88°E750 BC
Kurikoma1,628 m5,341 ft38.95°N, 140.78°E1950
Megata291 m955 ft39.95°N, 139.73°E2050 BC
Mount Adatara1,718 m5,635 ft37.62°N, 140.28°E1990
Mount Akagi1,828 m5,997 ft36.53°N, 139.18°E 
Mount Asama2,544 m8,340 ft36.24°N, 138.31°E2009
Mount Azuma1,705 m5,594 ft37.73°N, 140.25°E1977
Mount Bandai1,819 m5,968 ft37.6°N, 140.08°E1888
Mount Chōkai2,237 m7,326 ft39.08°N, 140.03°E1974
Mount Fuji3,776 m12,388 ft35.36°N, 138.73°E1707
Mount Hakone1,438 m4,720 ft35.22°N, 139.02°E950 BC ± 100 years
Mount Haku2,702 m8,865 ft36.15°N, 136.78°E1659
Mount Haruna1,449 m4,754 ft36.47°N, 138.88°E550 ± 10 years
Mount Kusatsu-Shirane2,160 m7,123 ft36.63°N, 138.55°E1989
Mount Mutsuhiuchi781 m2,562 ft41.43°N, 141.07°EPleistocene
Mount Myōkō2,446 m8,025 ft36.88°N, 138.12°E2360 BC ± 150 years
Mount Nantai2,484 m8,148 ft36.77°N, 139.5°E 
Mount Nasu1,917 m6,283 ft37.12°N, 139.97°E1963
Mount Niigatayake2,400 m7,874 ft36.92°N, 138.03°E1998
Mount Nikkō-Shirane2,578 m8,458 ft36.8°N, 139.4°E1890
Mount Norikura3,026 m9,928 ft36.12°N, 137.55°E6870 BC ± 500 years
Mount Ontake3,063 m10,049 ft35.89°N, 137.48°E2014
Mount Osore879 m2,884 ft41.32°N, 141.08°E1787
Mount Tate2,621 m8,599 ft36.57°N, 137.6°E1858
Mount Tateshina2,530 m8,300 ft36.1°N, 138.3°E 
Mount Yake2,455 m8,054 ft36.22°N, 138.59°E1995
Mount Zaō1,841 m6,040 ft38.15°N, 140.45°E1940
Narugo462 m1,542 ft38.73°N, 140.73°E837
Numazawa1,100 m3,609 ft37.43°N, 139.58°E2980 BC ± 150 years
Oki-Dogo151 m495 ft36.17°N, 133.33°E 
Omanago Group2,367 m7,766 ft36.78°N, 139.5°E 
Sanbe Group1,126 m3,694 ft35.13°N, 132.62°E1760 BC ± 150 years
Shiga2,036 m6,696 ft36.7°N, 138.52°E 
Takahara1,795 m5,889 ft36.9°N, 139.78°E4570 BC
Towada1,159 m3,802 ft40.47°N, 140.92°E915
Washiba-Kumontaira2,924 m9,593 ft36.41°N, 137.59°E4000 BC

Volcanoes in Izu Islands
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Aogashima423 m1,388 ft32.45°N, 139.77°E1785
Bayonnaise Rocks11 m36 ft31.88°N, 139.92°E1970
Hachijō-jima854 m2,802 ft33.13°N, 139.77°E1707
Kōzu-shima574 m1,877 ft34.22°N, 139.15°E838
Kurose Hole-107 m-351 ft33.4°N, 139.68°E 
Mikura-jima851 m2,792 ft33.87°N, 139.61°E3450 BC
Miyake-jima813 m2,674 ft34.08°N, 139.53°E2010
Myōjin-shō360 m1,181 ft32.1°N, 139.85°E 
Nii-jima432 m1,417 ft34.37°N, 139.27°E886
Ōshima758 m2,507 ft34.72°N, 139.38°E1990
Tori-shima403 m1,293 ft30.48°N, 140.32°E2002
To-shima508 m1,667 ft34.52°N, 139.28°E4050 BC

Volcanoes in Kyushu
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Fukue-jima317 m1,040 ft32.65°N, 128.86°E550 BC
Ibusuki Volcanic Field922 m3,025 ft31.22°N, 130.57°E885
Mount Aso1,592 m5,223 ft32.88°N, 131.11°E2004
Mount Kirishima1,700 m5,577 ft31.93°N, 130.86°E2011
Mount Kuju1,791 m5,876 ft33.08°N, 131.25°E1996
Mount Tsurumi1,584 m5,197 ft33.28°N, 131.43°E867
Mount Unzen1,500 m4,921 ft32.76°N, 130.29°E1996
Sakura-jima1,117 m3,665 ft31.59°N, 130.66°E2013
Shinmoedake1,412 m4,662 ft31.54°N, 130.53°E2011
Sumiyoshi-Ike100 m328 ft31.77°N, 130.59°E4550 BC

Volcanoes in Nansei Islands
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Akusekijima586 m1,923 ft29.45°N, 129.6°E 
Iōtorishima212 m696 ft27.88°N, 128.22°E1968
Iriomote-jima200 m656 ft24.56°N, 124.0°E1924
Kikai Caldera704 m2,310 ft30.79°N, 130.31°E2004
Kogajajima301 m988 ft29.88°N, 129.63°E 
Kuchinoerabu-jima649 m2,129 ft30.43°N, 130.22°E1999
Otake (Naka-no-shima)979 m3,212 ft29.85°N, 129.87°E1949
Suwanosejima799 m2,621 ft29.53°N, 129.72°E2007
Yokoate-jima495 m1,624 ft29.53°N, 129.72°E1835 ± 30 years

Volcanoes in Other
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Fukujin-217 m-712 ft21.93°N, 143.47°E1974
Fukutoku-Okanoba-14 m-46 ft24.28°N, 141.49°E2005
Iwo Jima161 m528 ft24.28°N, 141.52°E1997
Kaitoku Seamount-103 m-338 ft26.12°N, 141.1°E1984
Kasuga Seamount-598 m-1,962 ft21.77°N, 143.71°E1959
Kita-Fukutokutai-73 m-239 ft24.41°N, 141.42°E1954
Kita-Iwojima792 m2,598 ft25.43°N, 141.23°E1953
Minami Kasuga-170 m-558 ft21.6°N, 143.64°E 
Minami-Hiyoshi-30 m-98 ft23.5°N, 141.94°E1975
Nikko--391 m-1,283 ft23.08°N, 143.31°E 
Nishinoshima38 m125 ft27.27°N, 140.88°E2014
Oyama815 m2,674 ft34.08°N, 139.53°E2005

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