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 Volcanoes in Philippines

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Find list of active and inactive volcanoes in different region, their elevation, geo-coordinates, location map, when they last erupted and related info.

  Find list of volcanoes in different regions ...
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Volcanoes in Luzon
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Alligator Lake69 m226 ft14.17°N, 121.17°E 
Ambalatungan Group2,329 m7,641 ft17.31°N, 121.1°E1952
Amorong376 m1,234 ft15.83°N, 120.81°E 
Anilao Hill358 m1,174 ft13.9°N, 121.18°E 
Arayat1,026 m3,366 ft15.2°N, 120.74°EHolocene
Babuyan Claro1,080 m3,540 ft9.52°N, 121.94°E1831, 1860 and 1913
Banahaw2,158 m7,080 ft14.07°N, 121.48°E1730, 1743, 1843 and 1909
Bigain Hill464 m1,522 ft13.9°N, 121.05°E 
Bulusan1,565 m5,135 ft12.77°N, 124.05°E1886 to 2011 (permanently monitored)
Bunsulan Hills360 m1,181 ft14.03°N, 121.24°E 
Cagua1,133 m3,717 ft18.22°N, 122.12°E1860, 1907
Camiguin de Babuyanes712 m2,336 ft18.83°N, 121.86°E1857
Culasi Peak959 m3,146 ft13.92°N, 123.02°E 
Didicas244 m801 ft19.08°N, 122.2°E1773, 1856, 1900, 1952, 1969 and 1978
Gate Mountains559 m1,833 ft12.6°N, 124.03°E 
Imoc Hill400 m1,312 ft14.12°N, 121.3°E 
Imoc Maar  14.11°N, 121.3°E 
Iraya1,009 m3,310 ft20.47°N, 122.01°E1454, Seismic swarm in 1998
Iriga1,196 m3,924 ft13.46°N, 123.46°E1628
Irosin Caldera  12.77°N, 124.12°E 
Isarog1,966 m6,450 ft13.66°N, 123.38°E 
La Mesa Hill136 m446 ft14.15°N, 121.17°E 
Labo943 m3,093 ft14.02°N, 122.79°E27,000 years ago
Laguna Caldera743 m2,438 ft14.42°N, 121.27°E28,000 years ago
Lake Bunot  14.08°N, 121.34°E 
Lake Calibato  14.08°N, 121.38°E 
Lake Muhikap200 m656 ft14.13°N, 121.34°E 
Lake Palakpakin  14.11°N, 121.34°E 
Lake Pandin  14.11°N, 121.37°E 
Lake Yambo  14.12°N, 121.37°E 
Malinao1,548 m5,079 ft13.42°N, 123.6°E60,000 years ago
Malindig1,157 m3,796 ft13.24°N, 122.02°E 
Mani Hill260 m853 ft14.03°N, 121.26°E 
Mapait Hills380 m1,246 ft14.05°N, 121.24°E 
Mariveles1,388 m4,554 ft14.52°N, 120.47°E4,000 years ago
Mayon2,462 m8,077 ft13.26°N, 123.69°E1616 to 2013 (permanently monitored)
Mount Atimbia650 m2,132 ft14.15°N, 121.37°E 
Mount Balikabok849 m2,785 ft14.95°N, 120.37°E 
Mount Balungao382 m1,253 ft15.87°N, 120.68°E 
Mount Banahao de Lucban1,875 m6,151 ft14.07°N, 121.5°E 
Mount Bangcay406 m1,332 ft15.78°N, 120.73°E 
Mount Batuan  12.83°N, 123.95°E 
Mount Batulao693 m2,273 ft14.05°N, 120.8°E 
Mount Bayaguitos316 m1,036 ft14.17°N, 121.4°E 
Mount Binitacan  12.62°N, 124.0°E 
Mount Buboy215 m705 ft14.1°N, 121.24°E 
Mount Bulalo525 m1,722 ft14.1°N, 121.23°E 
Mount Burgos130 m426 ft15.83°N, 120.88°E 
Mount Cabaluyan285 m935 ft15.7°N, 120.33°E 
Mount Cahelietan280 m918 ft15.7°N, 120.32°E 
Mount Caraycaray437 m1,433 ft11.67°N, 124.43°E 
Mount Cariliao656 m2,152 ft14.13°N, 120.75°E 
Mount Coloumotan602 m1,975 ft12.58°N, 123.97°E 
Mount Condong164 m538 ft15.71°N, 120.33°E 
Mount Culangalan360 m1,181 ft12.7°N, 123.93°E 
Mount Culasi387 m1,269 ft13.9°N, 123.09°E 
Mount Cuyapo209 m685 ft15.8°N, 120.67°E 
Mount Daclan1,500 m4,921 ft16.52°N, 120.81°E 
Mount Dagatan120 m393 ft14.0°N, 121.37°E 
Mount Homahan464 m1,522 ft12.78°N, 123.98°E 
Mount Jormajan738 m2,421 ft12.77°N, 124.0°E 
Mount Juban844 m2,769 ft12.8°N, 123.93°E 
Mount Kabobohan775 m2,542 ft14.22°N, 122.83°E 
Mount Lagula482 m1,581 ft14.13°N, 121.32°E 
Mount Luyong318 m1,043 ft14.12°N, 121.25°E 
Mount Mabilog200 m656 ft14.11°N, 121.25°E 
Mount Mapula209 m685 ft14.08°N, 121.28°E 
Mount Olilia376 m1,233 ft14.08°N, 121.22°E 
Mount Tamlong249 m816 ft14.08°N, 121.24°E 
Natib1,287 m4,222 ft14.71°N, 120.4°EHolocene
Palindan Hill260 m853 ft14.03°N, 121.26°E 
Panay501 m1,644 ft13.72°N, 120.89°EPleistocene
Patoc1,865 m6,119 ft17.15°N, 120.98°E 
Pinatubo1,486 m4,875 ft15.13°N, 120.35°E1991, 1992 and 1993
Pocdol Mountains1,102 m3,615 ft13.05°N, 123.96°E 
Sampaloc Lake  14.08°N, 121.33°E 
San Pablo Volcanic Field1,090 m3,580 ft14.12°N, 121.3°E1350 AD
Santo Tomas2,260 m7,415 ft16.33°N, 120.55°E 
Smith688 m2,257 ft19.53°N, 121.92°E1652 to 1924
Taal400 m1,300 ft14.0°N, 120.99°E1572 to 1977, Signs of unrest since 1991 (permanently monitored)
Tanza Hill260 m853 ft14.03°N, 121.26°E 
Unnamed Maar  14.1°N, 121.3°E 
Unnamed volcano (Ibugos)-24 m-79 ft20.33°N, 121.75°ESubmarine eruptions in 1773, 1850 and 1854

Volcanoes in Mindanao
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Apo2,954 m9,691 ft7.01°N, 125.27°E 
Balatukan2,450 m8,038 ft8.77°N, 124.98°E 
Balo Dome873 m2,864 ft6.31°N, 125.17°E 
Balut852 m2,828 ft5.4°N, 125.38°EHolocene
Base Peak598 m1,961 ft6.25°N, 125.15°E 
Bee Hive Peak808 m2,650 ft6.15°N, 125.39°E 
Camiguin Mindanao1,332 m4,370 ft9.1°N, 124.7°EHolocene
Campana Hill676 m2,217 ft9.21°N, 124.71°E 
Carling Hill800 m2,624 ft9.22°N, 124.67°E 
Hibok-Hibok1,552 m5,092 ft9.2°N, 124.67°E1827, 1862, 1871 and 1948 to 1952 (permanently monitored)
Kalatungan2,824 m9,265 ft7.95°N, 124.8°EHolocene
Latukan2,158 m7,080 ft7.65°N, 124.47°EHolocene
Lauan Hill64 m209 ft7.98°N, 123.81°E 
Leonard Kniaseff1,190 m3,900 ft7.38°N, 126.05°E120 AD
Makaturing1,940 m6,360 ft7.65°N, 124.32°E1865, 1882
Malindang2,435 m7,989 ft8.22°N, 123.63°EHolocene
Matutum2,286 m7,500 ft6.37°N, 125.07°E07th March 1911
Minokol Hill  9.22°N, 124.65°E 
Mount Akir-Akir526 m1,725 ft7.42°N, 124.42°E 
Mount Baya1,380 m4,527 ft7.79°N, 124.1°E 
Mount Binaca1,004 m3,293 ft6.95°N, 124.02°E 
Mount Bito1,058 m3,471 ft7.5°N, 124.28°E 
Mount Blik1,198 m3,930 ft6.96°N, 124.21°E 
Mount Bosa2,083 m6,833 ft6.1°N, 124.71°E 
Mount Bucas450 m1,476 ft8.08°N, 123.86°E 
Mount Butay679 m2,227 ft9.12°N, 124.77°E 
Mount Butung684 m2,244 ft7.75°N, 125.08°E 
Mount Cabugao812 m2,664 ft7.54°N, 124.23°E 
Mount Calabugao1,864 m6,115 ft8.57°N, 125.12°E 
Mount Dagumbaan1,128 m3,700 ft7.82°N, 124.95°E 
Mount Dos Hermanas814 m2,670 ft7.64°N, 124.13°E 
Mount Gadungan1,342 m4,402 ft7.78°N, 124.08°E 
Mount Galantay1,274 m4,179 ft7.88°N, 124.0°E 
Mount Gap1,060 m3,477 ft6.87°N, 125.13°E 
Mount Guinsiliban581 m1,906 ft9.1°N, 124.77°E 
Mount Gurain1,825 m5,987 ft7.91°N, 124.11°E 
Mount Inayawan1,174 m3,851 ft7.83°N, 124.97°E 
Mount Iniaoan1,535 m5,036 ft7.82°N, 124.93°E 
Mount Kaatoan2,153 m7,063 ft8.13°N, 124.92°E 
Mount Kabanangan340 m1,115 ft7.94°N, 123.83°E 
Mount Kabaritan1,157 m3,795 ft7.87°N, 124.67°E 
Mount Kidongin1,144 m3,753 ft7.76°N, 124.82°E 
Mount Kilakron2,329 m7,641 ft7.96°N, 124.88°E 
Mount Kitabud1,167 m3,828 ft7.29°N, 124.66°E 
Mount Kitanglad2,899 m9,511 ft8.13°N, 124.93°E 
Mount Koloko1,074 m3,523 ft7.84°N, 124.93°E 
Mount Libadan826 m2,709 ft6.88°N, 125.11°E 
Mount Magampao1,468 m4,816 ft7.62°N, 124.6°E 
Mount Malambo900 m2,952 ft7.65°N, 125.31°E 
Mount Malibao1,500 m4,921 ft6.19°N, 124.9°E 
Mount Mambajao1,525 m5,003 ft9.17°N, 124.72°E 
Mount Mamot1,002 m3,287 ft7.97°N, 124.13°E 
Mount Mangaban780 m2,559 ft8.51°N, 125.01°E 
Mount Maranat1,858 m6,095 ft7.77°N, 124.56°E 
Mount Mariyug1,490 m4,888 ft7.58°N, 124.59°E 
Mount Micbacan500 m1,640 ft7.73°N, 123.9°E 
Mount Nanluyaw2,602 m8,536 ft8.13°N, 124.86°E 
Mount Navaro1,122 m3,681 ft6.39°N, 125.02°E 
Mount Obulan1,245 m4,084 ft8.8°N, 124.86°E 
Mount Paco524 m1,719 ft9.59°N, 125.52°E 
Mount Pamalihi1,956 m6,417 ft8.83°N, 124.92°E 
Mount Pana336 m1,102 ft7.92°N, 123.91°E 
Mount Patulangon  6.9°N, 125.38°E 
Mount Pudung1,558 m5,111 ft7.92°N, 124.63°E 
Mount Quezon652 m2,139 ft6.58°N, 124.95°E 
Mount Sagada1,128 m3,700 ft8.12°N, 124.42°E 
Mount Salimbal892 m2,926 ft7.84°N, 124.86°E 
Mount Sibulan1,292 m4,238 ft6.92°N, 125.41°E 
Mount Sigayan602 m1,975 ft7.79°N, 123.77°E 
Mount Sinako1,590 m5,216 ft7.48°N, 125.27°E 
Mount Table576 m1,889 ft7.47°N, 124.8°E 
Mount Tagoan1,144 m3,753 ft7.78°N, 124.8°E 
Mount Talomo2,674 m8,772 ft7.03°N, 125.33°E 
Mount Ticalan1,041 m3,415 ft8.13°N, 124.68°E 
Musuan646 m2,119 ft7.88°N, 125.07°E1866 and 1867, Strong seismic swarm in 1976
Parker1,824 m5,984 ft6.11°N, 124.89°E04th January 1641
Pindulunan Hill100 m328 ft7.93°N, 123.82°E 
Ragang2,815 m9,236 ft7.7°N, 124.5°E1765 to 1873, 1915 and 1916
Tres Marias Hill771 m2,529 ft9.19°N, 124.68°E 
Unnamed 01640 m2,099 ft6.93°N, 125.14°E 
Unnamed 02982 m3,221 ft6.89°N, 125.13°E 
Unnamed 03356 m1,167 ft6.86°N, 125.15°E 
Unnamed 04592 m1,942 ft6.84°N, 125.13°E 
Unnamed 05804 m2,637 ft6.89°N, 125.11°E 
Unnamed 06788 m2,585 ft6.88°N, 125.1°E 
Unnamed 07650 m2,132 ft6.92°N, 125.08°E 
Unnamed 08444 m1,456 ft6.88°N, 125.07°E 
Unnamed 09497 m1,630 ft6.85°N, 125.08°E 
Unnamed 10798 m2,618 ft6.86°N, 125.1°E 
Unnamed 11592 m1,942 ft6.84°N, 125.11°E 
Unnamed 12624 m2,047 ft6.83°N, 125.1°E 
Unnamed 13542 m1,778 ft6.82°N, 125.11°E 
Unnamed 14400 m1,312 ft6.81°N, 125.1°E 
Unnamed 15302 m990 ft6.8°N, 125.1°E 
Unnamed 16208 m682 ft6.77°N, 125.12°E 
Unnamed 17792 m2,598 ft6.87°N, 126.1°E 
Unnamed Cone 0160 m196 ft7.93°N, 123.82°E 
Unnamed Cone 02300 m984 ft7.94°N, 123.84°E 
Unnamed Cone 03280 m918 ft7.93°N, 123.84°E 
Unnamed Cone 04120 m393 ft7.92°N, 123.82°E 
Unnamed Cone 05275 m902 ft7.87°N, 123.85°E 
Unnamed Cone 06259 m849 ft7.88°N, 123.86°E 
Unnamed Cone 07120 m393 ft7.93°N, 123.87°E 
Unnamed Cone 08260 m853 ft7.95°N, 123.86°E 
Unnamed Cone 09250 m820 ft7.96°N, 123.87°E 
Unnamed Cone 10270 m885 ft7.95°N, 123.88°E 
Unnamed Cone 11128 m419 ft7.94°N, 123.89°E 
Unnamed Cone 12358 m1,174 ft7.9°N, 123.89°E 
Unnamed Cone 13394 m1,292 ft7.93°N, 123.93°E 
Unnamed Cone 14498 m1,633 ft7.96°N, 123.91°E 

Volcanoes in Sulu Islands
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Basilan Peak971 m3,185 ft6.55°N, 122.07°E 
Bucutua Island89 m291 ft6.15°N, 121.82°E 
Bud Datu  6.03°N, 120.01°E 
Bulan Island329 m1,079 ft6.13°N, 121.83°E 
Dakut474 m1,555 ft5.44°N, 120.56°E 
Gujangan Island122 m400 ft6.08°N, 121.27°E 
Jolo Group811 m2,661 ft6.01°N, 121.06°E1897
Lake Panamao399 m1,309 ft5.97°N, 121.17°E 
Linawan Island112 m367 ft6.32°N, 121.93°E 
Lugus Island294 m964 ft5.68°N, 120.83°E 
Mantabuan Island  5.03°N, 120.27°E 
Mount Alu95 m311 ft5.69°N, 120.88°E 
Mount Ampaoid1,066 m3,497 ft7.92°N, 125.68°E 
Mount Ampiro1,532 m5,026 ft8.39°N, 123.63°E 
Mount Bacauan1,824 m5,984 ft7.58°N, 123.25°E 
Mount Bagsak  6.03°N, 121.14°E 
Mount Batelian620 m2,034 ft7.48°N, 123.18°E 
Mount Bigong770 m2,526 ft7.85°N, 123.28°E 
Mount Bitinan215 m705 ft6.07°N, 121.44°E 
Mount Bolod164 m538 ft5.26°N, 121.62°E 
Mount Buga549 m1,801 ft7.6°N, 123.27°E 
Mount Bulibu566 m1,856 ft7.7°N, 123.18°E 
Mount Capual312 m1,023 ft6.03°N, 121.42°E 
Mount Dakula399 m1,309 ft5.98°N, 121.18°E 
Mount Dupungan396 m1,299 ft7.63°N, 123.33°E 
Mount Guimba482 m1,581 ft6.03°N, 121.08°E 
Mount Imbing700 m2,296 ft7.68°N, 123.23°E 
Mount Kamawi71 m232 ft5.81°N, 121.22°E 
Mount Kausakar200 m656 ft5.93°N, 121.37°E 
Mount Mahala287 m941 ft5.93°N, 121.12°E 
Mount Makam427 m1,400 ft5.94°N, 120.97°E 
Mount Margosa Tubig412 m1,351 ft7.55°N, 123.18°E 
Mount Matanal611 m2,004 ft6.53°N, 122.3°E 
Mount Matanding400 m1,312 ft6.03°N, 121.07°E 
Mount Pagyasngan783 m2,568 ft6.53°N, 125.35°E 
Mount Patian123 m403 ft5.85°N, 121.08°E 
Mount Pinukis1,532 m5,026 ft7.98°N, 123.23°E 
Mount Sandahan392 m1,286 ft5.91°N, 121.3°E 
Mount Sigangan283 m928 ft5.56°N, 120.79°E 
Mount Sining Capan533 m1,748 ft6.63°N, 122.21°E 
Mount Sungal518 m1,699 ft6.03°N, 121.08°E 
Mount Talipao391 m1,282 ft5.95°N, 121.08°E 
Mount Taran811 m2,660 ft5.99°N, 120.93°E 
Mount Tarranosa360 m1,181 ft7.53°N, 123.14°E 
Mount Tatalan102 m334 ft6.23°N, 121.83°E 
Mount Ukan299 m980 ft5.92°N, 121.28°E 
Mount Urot430 m1,410 ft5.98°N, 121.26°E 
Mount Wood  7.85°N, 123.17°E 
North Mountain2,183 m7,162 ft8.31°N, 123.62°E 
Pangasahan Hill217 m711 ft6.61°N, 121.83°E 
Pata Island394 m1,292 ft5.82°N, 121.16°E 
Siasi Island483 m1,584 ft5.53°N, 120.85°E 
Sugarloaf Complex1,432 m4,698 ft8.0°N, 123.25°E 
Tandubas Island  5.13°N, 120.33°E 
Tangdi1,154 m3,786 ft6.48°N, 125.41°E 
Tapiantana Island249 m816 ft6.3°N, 121.97°E 
Tapul Island474 m1,555 ft5.73°N, 120.9°E 
Tulayan Island161 m528 ft6.03°N, 121.32°E 
Unnamed Cone 01237 m777 ft7.89°N, 123.58°E 
Unnamed Cone 02200 m656 ft7.89°N, 123.56°E 
Unnamed Cone 03319 m1,046 ft7.91°N, 123.56°E 
Unnamed Cone 04276 m905 ft7.93°N, 123.55°E 
Unnamed Cone 05492 m1,614 ft7.92°N, 123.54°E 
Unnamed Cone 06472 m1,548 ft7.93°N, 123.52°E 
Unnamed Cone 0788 m288 ft7.89°N, 123.52°E 
Unnamed Cone 08200 m656 ft7.95°N, 123.52°E 
Unnamed Cone 09366 m1,200 ft7.92°N, 123.5°E 
Unnamed Cone 10360 m1,181 ft7.95°N, 123.48°E 
Unnamed Cone 11331 m1,085 ft7.93°N, 123.48°E 
Unnamed Cone 12590 m1,935 ft7.96°N, 123.46°E 
West Bolod Island152 m498 ft6.25°N, 121.6°E 

Volcanoes in Visayas
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Banton Island596 m1,955 ft12.92°N, 122.07°E 
Biliran1,301 m4,268 ft11.56°N, 124.51°E1939
Cabalian945 m3,100 ft10.29°N, 125.22°E 
Cancajanag900 m2,953 ft10.41°N, 124.53°E 
Carlota Island49 m160 ft13.03°N, 121.88°E 
Cuernos de Negros1,862 m6,109 ft9.26°N, 123.18°E12,000 BC
Isabel Island72 m236 ft13.02°N, 121.93°E 
Kanlaon2,435 m7,989 ft10.41°N, 123.13°E1886 to 2006 (permanently monitored)
Kirikite Island202 m662 ft11.94°N, 124.37°E 
Knob Peak917 m3,008 ft12.47°N, 121.27°E 
Lake Danao (Leyte)700 m2,296 ft11.07°N, 124.68°E 
Maestre de Campo Island343 m1,125 ft12.92°N, 121.7°E 
Mahagnao800 m2,625 ft10.87°N, 124.85°E 
Mandalagan1,879 m6,165 ft10.65°N, 123.25°EHolocene
Mount Abunug600 m1,968 ft11.03°N, 124.7°E 
Mount Abuyug197 m646 ft10.79°N, 124.97°E 
Mount Alto135 m442 ft11.11°N, 124.75°E 
Mount Aquiting523 m1,715 ft10.87°N, 124.85°E 
Mount Ascuero1,266 m4,153 ft11.53°N, 124.58°E 
Mount Baonao485 m1,591 ft11.43°N, 124.48°E 
Mount Bontes  9.17°N, 123.17°E 
Mount Camalobagoan1,048 m3,438 ft11.62°N, 124.62°E 
Mount Canandag432 m1,417 ft11.97°N, 124.42°E 
Mount Cantoloc820 m2,690 ft10.3°N, 125.22°E 
Mount Capinyayan980 m3,215 ft11.58°N, 124.5°E 
Mount Catmon1,624 m5,328 ft8.06°N, 123.85°E 
Mount Costa Rica394 m1,292 ft11.93°N, 124.32°E 
Mount Dumali756 m2,480 ft13.1°N, 121.51°E 
Mount Gayad618 m2,027 ft11.43°N, 124.52°E 
Mount Giron  11.58°N, 124.52°E 
Mount Guiauasan1,600 m5,249 ft11.62°N, 124.48°E 
Mount Gunansan1,045 m3,428 ft11.6°N, 124.48°E 
Mount Janagdan1,200 m3,937 ft11.1°N, 124.72°E 
Mount Kasibor845 m2,772 ft10.87°N, 124.88°E 
Mount Laao1,135 m3,723 ft11.12°N, 124.8°E 
Mount Labi1,300 m4,265 ft11.02°N, 124.52°E 
Mount Lauaan1,177 m3,861 ft11.52°N, 124.52°E 
Mount Lobi1,000 m3,280 ft11.02°N, 124.82°E 
Mount Maagonoc680 m2,230 ft11.03°N, 124.69°E 
Mount Macape315 m1,033 ft11.22°N, 124.68°E 
Mount Malasimbo  13.43°N, 120.9°E 
Mount Maliwatan1,200 m3,937 ft11.65°N, 124.45°E 
Mount Naujan490 m1,607 ft13.21°N, 121.42°E 
Mount Nelangacapan687 m2,253 ft9.93°N, 125.26°E 
Mount Opow553 m1,814 ft11.42°N, 124.3°E 
Mount Osmeña380 m1,246 ft11.42°N, 124.53°E 
Mount Pan de Azucar572 m1,876 ft11.28°N, 123.17°E 
Mount Panamao1,056 m3,464 ft11.67°N, 123.4°E 
Mount Proto-Labi1,120 m3,674 ft11.12°N, 124.73°E 
Mount Sayao1,266 m4,153 ft11.53°N, 124.58°E 
Mount Tabuanan929 m3,047 ft11.67°N, 124.4°E 
Mount Tamburok437 m1,433 ft11.55°N, 124.43°E 
Mount Vulcan (Biliran)1,015 m3,330 ft11.53°N, 124.5°E 
Silay1,535 m5,036 ft10.77°N, 123.23°EHolocene
Simara Island229 m751 ft12.82°N, 122.05°E 

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AccelerationAngleAngular AccelerationAngular Velocity
AreaBlood SugarClothing SizeComputer Storage Unit
Cooking VolumeCooking WeightData Transfer RateDate
DensityDynamic ViscosityElectric CapacitanceElectric Charge
Electric ConductanceElectric ConductivityElectric CurrentElectric Field Strength
Electric PotentialElectric ResistanceElectric ResistivityEnergy
Energy DensityEnergy MassEuro CurrencyFluid Concentration
Fluid Flow RateFluid Mass Flow RateForceFrequency
Fuel EconomyHeat CapacityHeat DensityHeat Flux Density
Heat Transfer CoefficientIlluminationImage ResolutionInductance
Kinematic ViscosityLengthLuminance (Light)Light Intensity
Linear Charge DensityLinear Current DensityMagnetic Field StrengthMagnetic Flux
Magnetic Flux DensityMagnetomotive ForceMass Flux DensityMolar Concentration
Molar Flow RateMoment of InertiaNumberPermeability
Radiation AbsorbedRadiation ExposureRadioactivityShoe Size
SoundSpecific VolumeSpeedSurface Charge Density
Surface Current DensitySurface TensionTemperatureThermal Conductivity
Thermal ExpansionThermal ResistanceTimeTorque
VolumeVolume Charge DensityWater Oil ViscosityWeight




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