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 Volcanoes in Russia

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Find list of active and inactive volcanoes in different region, their elevation, geo-coordinates, location map, when they last erupted and related info.

  Find list of volcanoes in different regions ...
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Volcanoes in Kamchatka
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Akademia Nauk1,180 m3,871 ft53.98°N, 159.45°E1996
Akhtang1,956 m6,417 ft55.43°N, 158.65°EHolocene
Alney-Chashakondzha2,598 m8,534 ft56.7°N, 159.65°E1050 BC ± 1000 years
Alngey1,853 m6,079 ft57.7°N, 160.4°EHolocene
Anaun1,828 m5,997 ft56.32°N, 158.83°EHolocene
Asacha1,910 m6,256 ft52.36°N, 157.83°EHolocene
Atlasova1,764 m5,787 ft57.97°N, 160.65°EHolocene
Avachinsky2,741 m8,990 ft53.26°N, 158.83°E2001
Bakening2,278 m7,474 ft53.91°N, 158.07°E550 BC
Barkhatnaya Sopka870 m2,854 ft52.82°N, 158.27°E3550 BC
Belenkaya892 m2,926 ft51.75°N, 157.27°EHolocene
Bely (volcano)2,080 m6,824 ft57.88°N, 160.53°EHolocene
Bezymianny2,882 m9,453 ft55.97°N, 160.58°E2014
Bliznets1,244 m4,081 ft56.97°N, 159.78°EHolocene
Bolshaya Ipelka1,154 m3,785 ft52.67°N, 156.9°E 
Bolshe-Bannaya1,200 m3,937 ft52.9°N, 157.78°E 
Bolshoi Payalpan1,906 m6,253 ft55.88°N, 157.78°E 
Bolshoy Kekuknaysky1,401 m4,596 ft56.47°N, 157.8°EHolocene
Bolshoy Semyachik1,720 m5,642 ft54.32°N, 160.02°E 
Cherny1,778 m5,833 ft56.82°N, 159.67°EHolocene
Cherpuk Group1,868 m6,129 ft55.55°N, 157.47°E 
Diky Greben1,331 m4,366 ft51.43°N, 156.93°E350 AD ± 300 years
Dzenzursky2,285 m7,497 ft53.64°N, 158.92°EHolocene
Eggella1,046 m3,432 ft56.57°N, 158.52°EHolocene
Fedotych965 m3,166 ft57.13°N, 160.4°EHolocene
Gamchen2,576 m8,449 ft54.97°N, 160.68°E 
Geodesistoy1,170 m3,839 ft56.33°N, 158.67°EHolocene
Golaya858 m2,815 ft52.26°N, 157.79°EHolocene
Gorely1,829 m6,000 ft52.56°N, 158.03°E2013
Gorny Institute2,125 m6,972 ft57.33°N, 160.2°EHolocene
Ichinsky3,621 m11,880 ft55.68°N, 157.73°E1740
Iettunup1,340 m4,396 ft58.4°N, 161.08°EHolocene
Iktunup2,300 m7,546 ft58.08°N, 160.77°EHolocene
Ilyinsky1,578 m5,176 ft51.49°N, 157.2°E1901
Kaileney1,578 m5,176 ft51.49°N, 157.2°E 
Kambalny2,156 m7,072 ft51.3°N, 156.87°E 
Kamen (volcano)4,585 m15,042 ft56.02°N, 160.59°E 
Karymsky1,486 m4,874 ft54.1°N, 159.4°E2015 (continuing non-stop)
Kebeney1,527 m5,010 ft57.1°N, 159.93°EHolocene
Kekurny1,377 m4,518 ft56.4°N, 158.85°EHolocene
Kell900 m2,953 ft51.65°N, 157.35°EHolocene
Khangar2,000 m6,562 ft54.75°N, 157.38°E 
Khodutka2,090 m6,857 ft52.06°N, 157.7°E 
Khuvkhoitun2,616 m8,583 ft57.92°N, 160.68°E 
Kikhpinych1,552 m5,092 ft54.49°N, 160.25°E1550
Kizimen2,376 m7,795 ft55.13°N, 160.32°E2013 (continuing)
Klyuchevskaya Sopka4,750 m15,580 ft56.0°N, 160.5°E2015
Komarov2,070 m6,791 ft55.03°N, 160.72°E450
Koryaksky3,456 m11,340 ft53.32°N, 158.69°E2008
Koshelev1,812 m5,943 ft51.36°N, 156.75°E 
Kostakan1,150 m3,773 ft53.83°N, 158.06°E1360
Kozyrevsky2,016 m6,614 ft55.58°N, 158.38°EHolocene
Krainy1,554 m5,098 ft56.37°N, 159.03°EHolocene
Krasheninnikov1,856 m6,089 ft54.59°N, 160.27°E1550
Kronotsky3,528 m11,572 ft54.9°N, 160.52°E1923
Ksudach1,079 m3,539 ft51.8°N, 157.53°E1907
Kulkev915 m3,002 ft56.37°N, 158.37°EHolocene
Kurile Lake81 m266 ft51.35°N, 157.31°E6440 BC
Leutongey1,333 m4,373 ft57.3°N, 159.83°EHolocene
Maly Payalpan1,802 m5,912 ft55.82°N, 157.98°EHolocene
Maly Semyachik1,560 m5,118 ft54.13°N, 159.67°E1952
Mashkovtsev503 m1,650 ft51.1°N, 156.72°E 
Mezhdusopochny1,641 m5,384 ft57.47°N, 160.25°EHolocene
Mutnovsky2,322 m7,616 ft52.45°N, 158.19°E2000
Olkhovy681 m2,234 ft52.08°N, 157.48°EHolocene
Opala2,475 m8,118 ft52.54°N, 157.34°E 
Ostanets719 m2,359 ft52.15°N, 157.32°EHolocene
Ostry2,552 m8,373 ft58.18°N, 160.82°E 
Otdelniy791 m2,595 ft52.22°N, 157.43°EHolocene
Ozernoy562 m1,844 ft51.88°N, 157.38°EHolocene
Pauzhetka1,331 m4,366 ft51.43°N, 156.9°E 
Piip-300 m-984 ft55.42°N, 167.33°E5050 BC
Piratkovsky1,322 m4,337 ft52.11°N, 157.85°EHolocene
Plosky1,236 m4,055 ft55.2°N, 158.47°E 
Pogranychny1,427 m4,682 ft56.85°N, 159.8°EHolocene
Romanovka1,442 m4,731 ft55.65°N, 158.8°EHolocene
Schmidt2,020 m6,627 ft54.92°N, 160.63°E 
Sedankinsky1,241 m4,071 ft57.23°N, 160.08°EHolocene
Severny (volcano)1,936 m6,352 ft58.28°N, 160.87°EHolocene
Shishel2,525 m8,284 ft57.45°N, 160.37°EHolocene
Shiveluch2,444 m8,028 ft55.38°N, 161.19°E2015 (continuing)
Snegovoy2,169 m7,116 ft58.2°N, 160.97°EHolocene
Snezhniy2,169 m7,116 ft58.02°N, 160.75°EHolocene
Soboliny1,560 m5,117 ft54.13°N, 159.67°E 
Spokoyny2,171 m7,123 ft58.13°N, 160.82°E3450 BC
Taunshits2,353 m7,720 ft54.53°N, 159.8°E550 BC
Titila1,559 m5,115 ft57.4°N, 160.1°EHolocene
Tolbachik3,682 m12,080 ft55.83°N, 160.33°E2013 (continuing)
Tolmachev Dol1,021 m3,350 ft52.63°N, 157.58°EHolocene
Tundroviy739 m2,425 ft52.25°N, 157.6°EHolocene
Tuzovsky1,533 m5,029 ft57.32°N, 159.97°EHolocene
Udina2,923 m9,590 ft55.76°N, 160.53°E 
Uka1,643 m5,390 ft57.7°N, 160.58°EHolocene
Uksichan1,692 m5,551 ft56.08°N, 158.38°EHolocene
Ushkovsky3,943 m12,936 ft56.11°N, 160.47°E1890
Uzon1,617 m5,305 ft54.5°N, 159.97°E5700 BC
Veer520 m1,706 ft53.63°N, 158.42°E1856
Verkhovoy1,400 m4,593 ft56.52°N, 159.53°EHolocene
Vilyuchik2,173 m7,127 ft52.68°N, 158.3°E8050 BC
Visokiy1,234 m4,049 ft52.43°N, 157.93°EHolocene
Voyampolsky1,225 m4,019 ft58.37°N, 160.62°EHolocene
Vysoky2,161 m7,090 ft55.07°N, 160.77°E50 BC
Yelovsky1,381 m4,531 ft57.53°N, 160.53°EHolocene
Zaozerny1,349 m4,426 ft56.88°N, 159.95°EHolocene
Zavaritsky1,567 m5,141 ft53.91°N, 158.39°E 
Zheltovsky1,953 m6,407 ft51.57°N, 157.32°E1972
Zhupanovsky2,958 m9,705 ft53.59°N, 159.15°E2015
Zimina3,119 m10,230 ft55.85°N, 160.5°E 

Volcanoes in Kuril Islands
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Alaid2,339 m7,674 ft50.85°N, 155.55°E1996
Atsonupuri1,205 m3,952 ft44.8°N, 147.1°E1932
Baransky1,132 m3,714 ft45.1°N, 148.02°E1951
Berutarube1,221 m4,006 ft44.46°N, 146.94°E 
Bogatyr Ridge1,634 m5,359 ft44.8°N, 147.4°E 
Chikurachki1,816 m5,958 ft50.32°N, 155.45°E2005
Chirinkotan724 m2,375 ft48.98°N, 153.48°E2013
Chirip1,589 m5,207 ft45.38°N, 147.92°E1860
Chirpoi742 m2,434 ft46.52°N, 150.87°E2013
Demon1,205 m3,953 ft45.5°N, 148.85°EHolocene
Ebeko1,156 m3,793 ft50.68°N, 156.02°E2005
Ekarma1,170 m3,839 ft48.96°N, 153.93°E1980
Fuss Peak1,772 m5,814 ft50.27°N, 155.25°E1854
Golets-Torny Group442 m1,450 ft45.3°N, 148.4°E 
Golovnin543 m1,781 ft43.85°N, 145.53°E1848
Goriaschaia Sopka891 m2,923 ft46.83°N, 151.75°E1914
Grozny Group1,211 m3,973 ft45.02°N, 147.87°E1989
Ivao Group1,426 m4,678 ft45.77°N, 149.68°EHolocene
Karpinsky Group1,345 m4,413 ft50.13°N, 155.37°E1952
Ketoi1,172 m3,845 ft47.35°N, 152.48°E1960
Kharimkotan1,145 m3,757 ft49.12°N, 156.51°E1933
Kolokol Group1,328 m4,357 ft46.04°N, 150.05°E1973
Kuntomintar828 m2,717 ft48.77°N, 154.02°EPleistocene - Fumarolic
Lomonosov Group1,681 m5,513 ft50.3°N, 155.4°E 
Lvinaya Past528 m1,732 ft44.61°N, 146.99°E7480 BC
Medvezhya1,125 m3,691 ft45.39°N, 148.84°E1999
Mendeleyeva887 m2,913 ft43.98°N, 145.7°E1907
Milna1,540 m5,052 ft46.82°N, 151.78°E 
Nemo Peak1,018 m3,339 ft49.6°N, 154.8°E1938
Prevo Peak1,360 m4,462 ft47.02°N, 152.12°E1825
Raikoke551 m1,808 ft48.29°N, 153.25°E1924
Rasshua956 m3,136 ft47.77°N, 153.02°E1957
Rudakov542 m1,778 ft45.88°N, 149.83°EHolocene
Sarychev Peak1,496 m4,908 ft48.09°N, 153.2°E2009
Shirinki761 m2,497 ft50.2°N, 154.98°EHolocene
Sinarka934 m3,064 ft48.87°N, 154.17°E1878
Smirnov1,189 m3,901 ft44.43°N, 146.13°EHolocene
Srednii36 m118 ft47.6°N, 152.9°E 
Tao-Rusyr Caldera1,325 m4,347 ft49.35°N, 154.7°E1952
Tiatia1,819 m5,968 ft44.35°N, 146.26°E1981
Tri Sestry998 m3,274 ft45.93°N, 149.92°EHolocene
Urataman678 m2,224 ft47.12°N, 152.23°EHolocene
Ushishur401 m1,316 ft47.52°N, 152.8°E1884
Vernadskii Ridge1,183 m3,881 ft50.55°N, 155.97°EHolocene
Zavaritski Caldera624 m2,047 ft46.93°N, 151.95°E1957

Volcanoes in Others
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Anik Mountain1,933 m6,341 ft47.26°N, 137.02°E 
Azas Plateau2,765 m9,071 ft53.53°N, 98.6°E 
Balagan-Tas993 m3,258 ft66.43°N, 143.73°E1775
Elbrus5,642 m18,510 ft43.33°N, 42.45°E50 AD
Kazbek5,033 m16,512 ft42.51°N, 44.31°E750 BC
Oka Plateau2,077 m6,814 ft53.7°N, 98.98°E 
Sikhote-Alin  47.0°N, 137.5°EHolocene
Tunkin Depression1,200 m3,937 ft51.5°N, 102.5°EHolocene
Udokan Plateau2,180 m7,152 ft56.28°N, 117.77°E220 BC

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