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 Volcanoes in United States

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Find list of active and inactive volcanoes in different region, their elevation, geo-coordinates, location map, when they last erupted and related info.

  Find list of volcanoes in different regions ...
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Volcanoes in Alaska
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Amak Volcano488 m1,601 ft55.42°N, 163.15°W1796
Bogoslof Island150 m492 ft53.93°N, 168.03°W1992
Buldir Volcano656 m2,152 ft52.35°N, 175.91°W 
Buzzard Creek830 m2,723 ft64.07°N, 148.42°W1050 BC
Capital Mountain2,356 m7,728 ft62.43°N, 144.1°W 
Cold Bay Volcano1,920 m6,299 ft55.08°N, 162.89°W 
Davidof Volcano328 m1,076 ft51.95°N, 178.33°E 
Devils Desk1,954 m6,409 ft58.5°N, 154.3°W 
Fourpeaked2,105 m6,906 ft58.77°N, 153.67°W2006
Gareloi Volcano1,573 m5,161 ft51.79°N, 178.79°W1989
Great Sitkin1,740 m5,709 ft52.08°N, 176.13°W1974
Hayes Volcano3,034 m9,954 ft61.64°N, 152.41°W1200 ± 300 years
Imuruk Lake610 m2,001 ft65.6°N, 163.92°W300
Ingakslugwat Hills190 m623 ft61.43°N, 164.47°W 
Kasatochi Island314 m1,030 ft52.18°N, 175.51°W2008
Kookooligit Mountains673 m2,208 ft63.6°N, 170.43°WHolocene
Korovin Volcano1,533 m5,029 ft52.38°N, 174.17°W2006
Little Sitkin1,174 m3,852 ft51.95°N, 178.54°W1830
Mount Adagdak645 m2,115 ft51.99°N, 176.59°W 
Mount Akutan1,303 m4,275 ft54.13°N, 165.99°W1996
Mount Amukta1,066 m3,497 ft52.5°N, 171.25°W1997
Mount Aniakchak1,341 m4,400 ft56.88°N, 158.17°W1931
Mount Augustine1,252 m4,108 ft59.36°N, 153.43°W2005
Mount Blackburn4,996 m16,390 ft61.73°N, 143.43°W 
Mount Bona5,005 m16,421 ft61.39°N, 141.75°W 
Mount Carlisle1,620 m5,315 ft52.89°N, 170.05°W1987
Mount Chagulak1,142 m3,747 ft52.58°N, 171.13°W 
Mount Chiginagak2,221 m7,287 ft57.14°N, 156.99°W1998
Mount Churchill4,766 m15,632 ft61.25°N, 141.7°W1250 years ago
Mount Cleveland1,730 m5,676 ft52.83°N, 169.94°W2014
Mount Dana1,354 m4,442 ft55.64°N, 161.21°W1890 BC
Mount Denison2,318 m7,606 ft58.42°N, 154.45°W 
Mount Douglas2,140 m7,021 ft58.86°N, 153.54°W 
Mount Drum3,661 m12,010 ft62.1°N, 144.5°W 
Mount Dutton1,506 m4,941 ft55.17°N, 162.27°W 
Mount Edgecumbe970 m3,132 ft57.05°N, 135.75°W2220 BC ± 100 years
Mount Emmons1,436 m4,711 ft55.34°N, 164.08°W 
Mount Fisher1,112 m3,648 ft54.65°N, 164.43°W1830
Mount Frosty2,012 m6,601 ft55.08°N, 162.81°W 
Mount Gilbert818 m2,684 ft54.25°N, 165.66°W 
Mount Gordon2,755 m9,039 ft62.13°N, 143.08°W 
Mount Griggs2,317 m7,602 ft58.35°N, 155.09°W 
Mount Herbert1,280 m4,199 ft52.74°N, 170.11°W 
Mount Iliamna3,053 m10,016 ft60.03°N, 153.09°W1876
Mount Isanotski2,446 m8,025 ft54.77°N, 163.72°W 
Mount Jarvis4,091 m13,422 ft62.02°N, 143.62°W 
Mount Kagamil893 m2,930 ft52.97°N, 169.72°W1929
Mount Kaguyak901 m2,956 ft58.61°N, 154.03°W1650 BC
Mount Kanaga1,307 m4,288 ft51.92°N, 177.17°W1995
Mount Katmai2,047 m6,716 ft58.28°N, 154.96°W1912
Mount Kialagvik1,677 m5,502 ft57.2°N, 156.75°W 
Mount Kiska1,220 m4,003 ft52.1°N, 177.6°E1990
Mount Koniuji273 m896 ft52.22°N, 175.13°W 
Mount Kukak2,043 m6,703 ft58.45°N, 154.36°W 
Mount Kupreanof1,895 m6,217 ft56.01°N, 159.8°W1987
Mount Mageik2,165 m7,103 ft58.19°N, 155.25°W 
Mount Makushin1,800 m5,905 ft53.89°N, 165.92°W1995
Mount Martin1,863 m6,112 ft58.17°N, 155.36°W1953
Mount Moffett1,196 m3,924 ft51.94°N, 176.75°W 
Mount Okmok1,073 m3,520 ft53.43°N, 168.13°W2008
Mount Pavlof2,519 m8,264 ft55.42°N, 161.89°W2013
Mount Recheschnoi1,984 m6,509 ft53.16°N, 168.54°W 
Mount Redoubt3,108 m10,197 ft60.49°N, 152.74°W2009
Mount Roundtop1,871 m6,138 ft54.8°N, 163.59°W 
Mount Sanford4,949 m16,237 ft62.22°N, 144.13°W 
Mount Seguam1,054 m3,458 ft52.32°N, 172.59°W1993
Mount Segula1,160 m3,806 ft52.02°N, 178.14°W 
Mount Semisopochnoi1,221 m4,006 ft51.93°N, 179.58°W1987
Mount Sergief560 m1,837 ft52.03°N, 174.93°W 
Mount Shishaldin2,857 m9,373 ft54.76°N, 163.97°W2004
Mount Spurr3,374 m11,069 ft61.3°N, 152.25°W1992
Mount Steller2,272 m7,454 ft58.43°N, 154.4°W 
Mount Stepovak1,555 m5,102 ft55.93°N, 160.0°W 
Mount Takawangha1,449 m4,754 ft51.87°N, 178.01°W 
Mount Tanaga1,806 m5,925 ft51.89°N, 178.15°W1914
Mount Uliaga888 m2,913 ft53.07°N, 169.77°W 
Mount Veniaminof2,507 m8,225 ft56.17°N, 159.38°W2006
Mount Vsevidof2,149 m7,050 ft53.13°N, 168.69°W1957
Mount Westdahl1,654 m5,426 ft54.52°N, 164.65°W1992
Mount Wrangell4,317 m14,163 ft62.0°N, 144.02°W1999
Mount Yunaska550 m1,804 ft52.64°N, 170.63°W1937
Novarupta841 m2,759 ft58.27°N, 155.16°W1912
Nunivak Island511 m1,676 ft60.02°N, 166.33°W 
Pavlof Sister2,142 m7,027 ft55.45°N, 161.84°W1786
Pogromni2,002 m6,569 ft54.57°N, 164.85°W 
Prindle Volcano  63.72°N, 141.62°WPleistocene
Roundtop1,871 m6,139 ft54.8°N, 153.6°W 
Saint Michael (volcano)715 m2,346 ft63.45°N, 162.12°W 
Saint Paul Island203 m666 ft57.18°N, 170.3°W1280 BC ± 40 years
Snowy Mountain2,162 m7,093 ft58.34°N, 154.68°W 
St. Michael715 m2,346 ft63.45°N, 162.12°W 
St. Paul Island203 m666 ft57.18°N, 170.3°W1280 BC ± 40 years
Table Top-Wide Bay792 m2,598 ft53.97°N, 166.68°W 
Tlevak Strait-Suemez Island50 m164 ft55.25°N, 133.3°W 
Trident Volcano1,864 m6,115 ft58.24°N, 155.1°W1975
Ugashik-Peulik1,474 m4,836 ft57.75°N, 156.37°W1814
Ukinrek Maars91 m299 ft57.83°N, 156.51°W1977
Yantarni Volcano1,345 m4,413 ft57.02°N, 157.19°W800 BC ± 500 years

Volcanoes in American Samoa
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Ofu-Olosega639 m2,096 ft14.18°S, 169.62°W1866
Ta‘u931 m3,054 ft14.23°S, 169.45°W 
Tutuila653 m2,142 ft14.3°S, 170.7°W 
Vailulu'u-590 m-1,940 ft14.3°S, 170.7°W 

Volcanoes in Arizona
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Merriam Cone2,077 m6,813 ft35.3°N, 111.3°W150,000 years ago
Mount Baldy3,480 m11,420 ft33.91°N, 109.56°WAbout 8 to 9 million years ago
Mount Elden2,834 m9,299 ft35.24°N, 111.6°W250,000 years ago
Red Mountain2,428 m7,965 ft 740,000 years ago
San Francisco Mountain3,851 m12,633 ft35.35°N, 111.68°W 
SP Crater2,141 m7,021 ft35.58°N, 111.63°W71,000 years ago
Sunset Crater2,447 m8,026 ft35.36°N, 111.5°W1122 ± 58 years

Volcanoes in California
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Amboy Crater300 m984 ft34.54°N, 115.79°W10,000 years ago
Big Cave1,259 m4,131 ft40.96°N, 121.37°WHolocene
Black Butte1,939 m6,362 ft41.37°N, 121.35°W9,500 years ago
Brushy Butte1,174 m3,852 ft41.18°N, 121.44°WHolocene
Burney Mountain2,397 m7,863 ft40.81°N, 121.63°WPleistocene
Cima Volcanic Field1,509 m4,950 ft35.25°N, 115.75°W10,000 years ago
Cinder Cone and the Fantastic Lava Beds2,105 m6,907 ft 1680
Inyo Craters2,629 m8,625 ft37.69°N, 119.02°W1400
Lassen Peak3,189 m10,462 ft40.49°N, 121.51°W1917
Lassen Volcanic Center  40.49°N, 121.51°W1917
Long Valley Caldera3,390 m11,122 ft37.6°N, 118.8°WPleistocene
Malapai Hill  33.9°N, 116.0°W 
Mammoth Mountain3,371 m11,059 ft37.63°N, 119.03°W1400
Medicine Lake Volcano2,412 m7,913 ft41.36°N, 121.33°W1080 ± 25 years
Mono Craters2,796 m9,173 ft37.88°N, 119.0°W1350
Mount Konocti1,312 m4,305 ft38.97°N, 122.77°W10,000 years ago
Mount Shasta4,317 m14,162 ft41.41°N, 122.19°W1786
Pinnacles  36.49°N, 121.17°W23 million years ago
Pisgah Crater774 m2,539 ft34.75°N, 116.38°W18,000 ± 5,000 years ago
Red Cones2,748 m9,015 ft37.58°N, 119.05°WHolocene
Sutter Buttes650 m2,130 ft39.21°N, 121.82°W1.5 million years ago
Tumble Buttes2,191 m7,188 ft40.68°N, 121.55°W15,000 years ago
Twin Buttes1,631 m5,351 ft40.78°N, 121.6°WHolocene
Ubehebe Craters752 m2,467 ft37.02°N, 117.45°W4050 BC

Volcanoes in Colorado
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Dotsero2,230 m7,316 ft39.66°N, 107.06°W2200 BC
La Garita Caldera  37.73°N, 106.77°W26.3 million years ago
Mount Sopris  39.4°N, 104.76°W42.0 million years ago
Never Summer Mountains3,946 m12,945 ft40.47°N, 105.9°W20 million years ago

Volcanoes in Hawaii
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Diamond Head232 m761 ft21.26°N, 157.81°W148,000 BC
Haleakala or East Maui Volcano3,055 m10,023 ft20.71°N, 156.25°WBetween 1480 and 1600 AD
Hanauma Bay195 m642 ft 10,000 - 32,000 BC
Hualalai2,521 m8,270 ft19.69°N, 155.87°W1801
Ka'ena Point914 m3,000 ft 4.2 million years ago
Kahoolawe450 m1,475 ft20.6°N, 156.6°W1 million years ago
Kawaikini1,598 m5,243 ft22.06°N, 159.5°W4 million years ago
Kilauea1,247 m4,091 ft19.45°N, 155.29°W1983 (continuing)
Kohala (mountain)1,670 m5,480 ft20.09°N, 155.72°WAbout 120,000 years ago
Koko Guyot   About 50 million years ago
Koko Head Crater368 m1,207 ft 8000 BC
Koʻolau Range941 m3,149 ft21.37°N, 157.8°WHolocene
Lanai1,026 m3,366 ft 1.2 million years ago
Loihi Seamount-975 m-3,199 ft18.92°N, 155.25°W2007
Mahukona  20.1°N, 156.1°WAbout 470,000 years ago
Maui3,055 m10,023 ft  
Mauna Kea4,208 m13,796 ft19.8°N, 155.5°W2460 BC ± 100 years
Mauna Loa4,169 m13,679 ft19.5°N, 155.6°W1984
Mount Ka'ala1,227 m4,025 ft21.51°N, 158.14°W2.6 million years ago
Mount Waialeale1,544 m5,066 ft  
Punchbowl Crater166 m546 ft 10,000 - 75,000 BC
West Maui Volcano1,764 m5,788 ft Less than 500,000 years ago

Volcanoes in Idaho
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Big Southern Butte2,298 m7,540 ft43.24°N, 113.01°W0.3 million years ago
Blue Creek    
Craters of the Moon2,005 m6,578 ft43.42°N, 113.5°W130 BC ± 50 years
Henry's Fork Caldera2,805 m9,203 ft 1.3 million years ago
Island Park Caldera2,805 m9,203 ft44.33°N, 111.33°W2.1 million years ago
Juniper Buttes1,905 m6,250 ft44.2°N, 111.53°W 
Menan Buttes1,713 m5,619 ft43.6°N, 111.5°W1.0 million years ago
Split Butte    
The Great Rift    
Twin Peaks    

Volcanoes in Mississippi
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Jackson Volcano  32.0°N, 90.0°W65 million years ago

Volcanoes in Missouri
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Taum Sauk Caldera540 m1,772 ft37.53°N, 90.79°W1.5 billion years ago

Volcanoes in Nevada
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Big Cottonwood Canyon    
McDermitt Complex    
Soda Lakes1,251 m4,104 ft39.88°N, 119.45°WHolocene
Steamboat Springs1,415 m4,642 ft39.38°N, 119.72°WPleistocene - Fumarolic
Virgin Valley    

Volcanoes in New Hampshire
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Ossipee Mountains  43.74°N, 71.27°WCretaceous
Pawtuckaway Mountains  43.11°N, 71.19°WCretaceous

Volcanoes in New Mexico
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Capulin Volcano2,494 m8,182 ft36.79°N, 103.96°WAbout 58,000 to 52,000 years ago
Carrizozo Malpais1,731 m5,679 ft33.78°N, 105.93°W140,000 years ago
Cerros del Rio664 m2,178 ft35.7°N, 106.2°W2.2 million years ago
El Malpais  34.88°N, 108.0°W 
Jemez Mountains3,525 m11,564 ft35.88°N, 106.53°WAbout 60,000 to 50,000 years ago
Jornada del Muerto Volcano1,565 m5,136 ft33.53°N, 106.87°W760,000 years ago
Kilbourne Hole1,292 m4,239 ft31.97°N, 106.97°W80,000 years ago
Mount Taylor3,446 m11,305 ft35.24°N, 107.61°W1,500,000 years ago
Sierra Blanca3,652 m11,981 ft33.37°N, 105.81°W26 million years ago
Valles Caldera3,430 m11,253 ft35.87°N, 106.57°WPleistocene

Volcanoes in Northern Mariana Islands
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Agrigan965 m3,165 ft18.8°N, 145.7°E 
Ahyi-137 m-449 ft20.42°N, 145.03°E2001
Alamagan744 m2,441 ft17.6°N, 145.83°E1887
Anatahan788 m2,592 ft16.35°N, 145.67°E2006
Asuncion857 m2,810 ft19.7°N, 145.4°E 
Esmeralda Bank-43 m-141 ft15.0°N, 145.25°E 
Farallon de Pajaros360 m1,180 ft20.5°N, 144.9°E1967
Guguan287 m942 ft17.32°N, 145.83°E1883
Maug Islands227 m745 ft20.02°N, 145.22°EQuaternary
Mount Rodondi Island    
Mount Tapochau474 m1,554 ft  
Northwest Rota-1-517 m-1,696 ft14.6°N, 144.78°E2004
Pagan Island570 m1,870 ft18.1°N, 145.76°E1993
Sarigan538 m1,765 ft16.71°N, 145.78°E 
Supply Reef-8 m-26 ft20.13°N, 145.1°E1989

Volcanoes in Oregon
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Bald Mountain Caldera  43.42°N, 121.42°W 
Belknap Crater2,095 m6,873 ft44.28°N, 121.84°W460 AD
Black Butte1,962 m6,436 ft44.4°N, 121.64°W1,430,000 years ago
Blue Lake Crater1,230 m4,035 ft44.41°N, 121.77°W680 ± 200
Broken Top2,800 m9,185 ft44.08°N, 121.7°W 
Brown Mountain  42.37°N, 122.27°W12,000 years ago
Cinnamon Butte1,956 m6,417 ft43.24°N, 122.11°W6,845 years ago
Columbia River Basalt Group    
Crater Lake or Mount Mazama2,487 m8,159 ft42.93°N, 122.12°W2290 BC
Crooked River caldera   29.5 million years ago
Diamond Craters1,450 m4,750 ft43.1°N, 118.7°W 
Diamond Peak2,665 m8,744 ft43.52°N, 122.15°W11,000 years ago
Fort Rock1,716 m5,628 ft43.37°N, 121.07°W 
Gorda Ridge-3,000 m-9,842 ft42.67°N, 126.78°W1996
Gray Butte  44.5°N, 121.3°W 
Jackies Butte1,418 m4,652 ft42.61°N, 117.59°W 
Jordan Craters1,400 m4,600 ft43.15°N, 117.46°W1250 BC
Mahogany Mountain    
Maiden Peak2,380 m7,810 ft43.63°N, 121.96°W 
McDermitt Complex    
Middle Sister3,063 m10,050 ft44.15°N, 121.78°W 
Mount Bachelor2,763 m9,064 ft43.98°N, 121.69°W5800 BC ± 1000 years
Mount Bailey2,551 m8,368 ft43.16°N, 122.22°W 
Mount Hood3,426 m11,237 ft45.37°N, 121.7°W1790
Mount Jefferson3,199 m10,492 ft44.7°N, 121.8°W950 AD
Mount McLoughlin2,894 m9,492 ft42.44°N, 122.32°W 
Mount Tabor193 m636 ft  
Mount Thielsen2,800 m9,184 ft43.15°N, 122.07°W 
Mount Washington2,376 m7,790 ft44.33°N, 121.84°W670 AD
Newberry Caldera2,434 m7,986 ft43.7°N, 121.5°W 
North Sister3,075 m10,090 ft44.17°N, 121.77°W 
Olallie Butte2,200 m7,219 ft44.82°N, 121.76°W25,000 years ago
Pelican Butte  42.52°N, 122.07°W 
Rocky Butte    
Round Butte  44.5°N, 121.0°W 
Saddle Butte1,700 m5,577 ft43.0°N, 117.8°WHolocene
South Sister3,158 m10,360 ft44.1°N, 121.77°W 
South-Central Oregon Volcanics    
Strawberry Volcanics  44.2°N, 118.8°W 
Three Fingered Jack2,390 m7,840 ft44.48°N, 121.84°W 
Tower Mountain caldera    
Western Cascades   5 million years ago
Wildcat Mountain caldera    

Volcanoes in South Dakota
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Bear Butte1,349 m4,426 ft44.48°N, 103.43°W 

Volcanoes in Texas
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Pilot Knob169 m554 ft30.16°N, 97.71°WLate Cretaceous

Volcanoes in Utah
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Bald Knoll2,135 m7,005 ft37.33°N, 112.41°WHolocene
Black Rock Desert volcanic field1,800 m5,904 ft38.97°N, 112.5°WAbout 600 to 900 years ago
Fumarole Butte1,609 m5,279 ft39.62°N, 112.8°W900,000 years ago
Pavant Butte1,800 m5,906 ft39.13°N, 112.55°W16,000 years ago
Santa Clara1,465 m4,806 ft37.26°N, 113.63°W 

Volcanoes in Virginia
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Mole Hill  38.45°N, 78.95°W47 million years ago
Trimble Knob  38.4°N, 79.59°W35 million years ago

Volcanoes in Washington
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Battle Ground Lake229 m750 ft  
Black Buttes   About 500,000 to 300,000 years ago
Glacier Peak3,213 m10,541 ft48.11°N, 121.11°WIn 17th or 18th Century
Goat Rocks2,494 m8,184 ft46.5°N, 121.45°W 
Indian Heaven1,806 m5,925 ft45.93°N, 121.82°W6250 BC
Lone Butte    
Marble Mountain-Trout Creek Hill volcanic zone  45.9°N, 122.0°W7,700 years ago
Mount Adams3,743 m12,281 ft46.2°N, 121.49°W500 BC ± 1000 years
Mount Baker3,285 m10,778 ft48.78°N, 121.81°W1880
Mount Rainier4,392 m14,411 ft46.85°N, 121.76°W1894
Mount St. Helens2,550 m8,364 ft46.19°N, 122.19°W2008
Silver Star Mountain1,330 m4,364 ft45.75°N, 122.24°W 
Simcoe Mountains  46.1°N, 120.9°W 
Trout Creek Hill890 m2,920 ft 340,000 years ago
West Crater1,329 m4,360 ft45.88°N, 122.08°W5750 BC
White Chuck Cinder Cone1,830 m6,002 ft48.05°N, 121.17°W 

Volcanoes in Wyoming
NameHeight (meter)Height (feet)Coordinates Last Eruption
Yellowstone caldera2,805 m9,203 ft44.43°N, 110.67°W70,000 years ago and 1350 BC

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