Scientific Conversion

Density Conversion
Conversion between nearly 135 different  density measurement units

Energy Conversion
Conversion between nearly 70 different  energy measurement units

Force Conversion
Conversion between nearly 35 different  force measurement units

Power Conversion
Conversion between nearly 90 different electric, thermal, boiler, metric  power measurement units

Pressure Conversion
Conversion between nearly 85 different  pressure measurement units

Frequency Conversion
Conversion between nearly 15 different  frequency measurement units

Sound Conversion
Conversion between Bel (B), Decibel (dB), Neper (Np) and other sound measurement unit

Prefix Conversion
Conversion between unit prefix such as Atto(a), Centi(c), Deca(da), Deci(d), Exa(E), Femto(f), Giga(G), Hecto(h), Kilo(K), Mega(M), Micro(μ), Milli(m), Nano(n), Peta(P), Pico(p), Tera(T), Yocto(y), Yotta(Y), Zepto(z), Zetta(Z)

Frequency to Wavelength
Find wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, sound, ultrasonic sound waves at different frequency in different medium such as Space, Vacuum, Air, Water, Electric conductors

Density Calculator
Calculate density of any material using its mass (weight) and volume

Density of different material
Find density of nearly 700 different materials. Like what is density of Aluminum, Arsenic, Bromine, Calcium, Carbon, Chlorine, Copper, Fluorine, Gold, Hydrogen, Iodine, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Mercury, Nickel, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Platinum, Plutonium, Potassium, Radium, Silicon, Silver, Sodium, Sulfur, Tin, Uranium, Zinc and many more.
Square Root, Square of Number calculator
Calculate value of Square Root, Square and Inverse of different numbers.

Cube Root, Cube of Number calculator
Calculate value of Cube Root, Cube of different numbers

Trigonometry Calculator
Find Trigonometry value of angle either in degree or radian.

Logarithm Calculator
Find value for Log, Anti Log, Natural Log, Exponent of a number.
Computer & Technology
»   Computer Unit Conversion
»   Number Conversion
»   Image Resolution Conversion
»   Data Transfer Conversion
»   Display Resolutions of Computers, TV & Videos
»   Speed of Devices, Peripheral & Protocols
»   HTML Color codes and Gray scale equivalent
»   HTML Entity Name & Number for non ASCII
»   What is my IP
»   What is my user agent
»   Information of my device
»   IP lookup
»   Frequency Conversion
»   Sound Conversion

»   Electric Current Conversion
»   Electric Capacitance Conversion
»   Electric Charge Conversion
»   Linear Charge Density Conversion
»   Surface Charge Density Conversion
»   Volume Charge Density Conversion
»   Linear Current Density Conversion
»   Surface Current Density Conversion
»   Electric Field Strength Conversion
»   Electric Potential Conversion
»   Electric Resistance Conversion
»   Electric Resistivity Conversion
»   Electric Conductance Conversion
»   Electric Conductivity Conversion
»   Inductance Conversion

»   Magnetomotive Force Conversion
»   Magnetic Field Strength Conversion
»   Magnetic Flux Conversion
»   Magnetic Flux Density Conversion

»   Surface Tension of different fluids
»   Fluid Flow Conversion
»   Fluid Mass Flow Conversion
»   Molar Flow Conversion
»   Mass Flux Density Conversion
»   Molar Concentration Conversion
»   Fluid Concentration Conversion
»   Surface Tension Conversion
»   Permeability Conversion
»   Dynamic Viscosity Conversion
»   Kinematic Viscosity Conversion
»   Viscosity of Oil, Water & Glycerin Conversion

»   Radiation Conversion
»   Radiation Activity (Radioactivity) Conversion
»   Radiation Exposure Conversion
»   Radiation Absorbed Dose Conversion
»   Half Life Period of different elements
»   Isotopes of different elements

»   Molecular Weight of different substance
»   Molecular Formula of different material
»   Physical & Chemical Properties of elements
»   Atomic Symbol of different elements
»   Atomic Number of different elements
»   Atomic Weight of different elements
»   Color of different elements
»   Flame color test for different elements
»   Isotopes of different elements
»   Half Life Period of different elements
»   Compounds of different elements
»   Freezing point of different substance
»   Melting point of different substance
»   Boiling point of different substance

»   Trace a Telephone number
»   Telephone Area code of different places
»   ISD/IDD codes of different Country
»   Find Country from ISD / IDD code
»   Dialing code, ISO & Internet TLD
»   ISO code of different Country
»   Capital of different countries
»   Currency of different countries
»   Size (Area) of different Countries and Oceans
»   Neighbors of different Countries
»   Flag of different Countries

Date Calculators
»   Leap Year calculator
»   Find numbers of days between two dates
»   Find time elapsed between two dates (or time)
»   Find days elapsed since specified date
»   Calculate the Day and Week number
»   Calculate Day of Week
»   Calculate Day of Year
»   Calculate Days left to date
»   Calculate Time left to date
»   Convert Date to Time
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Angular AccelerationAngular Velocity
AreaBlood Sugar
Clothing SizeComputer Storage Unit
Cooking VolumeCooking Weight
Data Transfer RateDate
DensityDynamic Viscocity
Electric CapacitanceElectric Charge
Electric ConductanceElectric Conductivity
Electric CurrentElectric Field Strength
Electric PotentialElectric Resistance
Electric ResistivityEnergy
Energy DensityEnergy Mass
Euro CurrencyFluid Concentration
Fluid Flow RateFluid Mass Flow Rate
Fuel EconomyHeat Capacity
Heat DensityHeat Flux
Heat Transfer CoefficientIllumination
Image ResolutionInductance
Kinematic ViscosityLength
Luminance (Light)Light Intensity
Linear Charge DensityLinear Current Density
Magnetic Field StrengthMagnetic Flux
Magnetic Flux DensityMagnetomotive Force
Mass Flux DensityMolar Concentration
Molar Flow RateMoment of Inertia
Radiation AbsorbedRadiation Exposure
RadioactivityShoe Size
SoundSpecific Volume
SpeedSurface Charge Density
Surface Current DensitySurface Tension
TemperatureThermal Conductivity
Thermal ExpansionThermal Resistance
VolumeVolume Charge Density
Water Oil ViscosityWeight
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